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Both Jason Poston and Colette Nelson share the invasive disease and because of it, they became a duo that helped one another climb that proverbial mountain and make the best of a tough situation. Eleven years ago, Poston was just breaking into the industry after winning the BSN Fitness Model Search at the Europa in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Even once he was diagnosed correctly, Poston was, as he describes, “healthier, but not healthy.” Even under the circumstances, he was able to keep training and compete, but knew that he could improve if his medication was proper for him.

Approximately a year ago, Poston had been told about an IFBB pro female bodybuilder who was also a type-1 diabetic and he reached out to her. Nelson introduced a new way of using insulin to Poston, which helped his manage his blood sugar levels. A month after meeting Nelson, Poston did his first IFBB show and placed third out of 23 competitors.

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