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USP Labs Jacked Micro is a powerful pre-workout concentrate that gives you muscle and mental focus to help you lift more and grow bigger.
Up to 77% of pre-workout supplements on the market today are nothing but unhealthy, Insulin-soaring, fat-storing fillers! Supplementing with Agmatine Sulfate enhances pumps in the gym, stimulates the release of hormones such as pituitary, growth hormone, and luteinizing hormone. The trademarked form of norcoclaurine being used in Jack3d Micro is known as Norcoline, while the compound itself is typically referred to within trade circles as, 'higenamine' - the secret ingredient! SitemapFitness Market - Your best choice for Fitness Equipment, Gym Accessories and Bodybuilding Supplements.Copyright Fitness Market Pty Ltd. USPLabs is perhaps one of the most celebrated companies in the nutritional and sporting supplement arena. As soon as USPLabs got wind of this impending ban, their R&D team went to work to develop a brand new product to replace Jack3d. The serving size of Jack3d is 3.63 grams which according to USPLabs equates to 1 level scoop of the powder. As you might of guessed, Jack3d mixes very well, especially with the large volume of water relative to the size of the dose.
Australian USP Labs partner, Serious Supplements has worked with world renowned bodybuilder John Otis Hollywood to provide a specifically designed program to fully elicit all of Jack3d Micro’s ergogenic potential. Every day, hundreds of elite lifters are experiencing insane endurance, strength and workout performances using Jack3d Micro. After the ban of Jack3d in Australia due to the ingredient DMAA, the team at USP Labs were dedicated to creating a new formula which would not only live up to Jack3d, but improve on it.
You see, elite lifters have long known the supplement industry’s dirty little secret for years.
These supplement manufacturers are leaving out the important muscle building factors from their products for ineffective, inferior and most importantly CHEAP stimulants. Serious Supplements approached JOH about providing a workout program for their clients (for free, believe it or not) with supplement purchases from their leading Australian webstore.

Prior to making the program (M-Time Mass) available to customers, JOH and Serious Supplements decided to “beta test” the program on Ayden.
Ayden credits the “shredding while gaining” phenomenon to the specialized training methods developed by JOH with the fat burning, pump promoting and performance enhancing properties of Jack3d Micro. Ayden’s results were so impressive that Serious Supplements decided to tie the two (M-Time Mass and Jack3d Micro) together irrevocably. The most general breakdown is that Jack3d Micro is a great balance of both pumps and a bit of energy, while Jack3d original is definitely far stronger on the energy side. Another reason to try Jack3d Micro is if you live in a country that no longer sells Jack3d. A few years back, USP Labs came out with a proven winner in their pre-workout supplement Jack3D. There have been many factors that have since then surrounded the banning Jack3D, the most significant of which zeroes into one of its main ingredients which is 1,3 dimethylamylamine or DMAA. For years, Jack3D has been the go to pre-workout supplement of many competitive athletes, body builders, and fitness enthusiasts. For many years since its introduction to the market, Jack3D has been, to many, the superior nitric oxide (NO) pre-workout booster. Essentially, a reinvention of the original Jack3D formula, Jack3D Micro is loaded with a different set of ingredients that delivers an entirely new user experience, helping you conquer your workouts like never before.
Promoting superior pumps, laser-sharp focus and motivation, and improved endurance; Jack3D Micro is best described as a pre-workout supplement perfectly cut out for adaptive training. Apart from the apparent difference in formulation that promises unique user experience for both products, here is a more general breakdown of the main difference between Jack3D and Jack3D Micro. Because DMAA is a more powerful stimulant, and because it is likely using more caffeine, the original Jack3D packs much more energy than Jack3D Micro, making it the ideal supplement for workouts that focus on the endurance and cardio. For those who are annoyed by tingles, Jack3D Micro is the better option since it does not have Beta Alanine.
Also, especially for those who raves for creatine in their system, note that while the original Jack3D does have creatine, Jack3D Micro does not.

This website is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to contribute to the marketing, sale or distribution of dietary supplements from USPlabs LLC. UPS Labs Jacked Micro doesn’t contain Maltodextrin, which increases fat storing, has no Magnesium, which can have health side-effects when taken en masse, and only contains natural colours and flavours. Jacked has a precise blend of ingredients that will not only get you flying through your workouts, but will allow you to have hours upon hours of energy without a harsh crash at the end.
With our efficient dispatching and quick delivery throughout Australia, USP Labs Jacked Micro can be yours sooner.
The new product called Jack3d Micro has finally arrived and is in our warehouse ready for dispatch. Seeing as though M-Time Mass is intense and promotes explosive pumps, it was thought that Jack3d Micro would be a worthy addition to the program. For many years since its introduction to the market, Jack3D has been, to many, the superior nitric oxide (NO) pre-workout booster until talks of banning the product came out sometime July of this year. Jack3D was all the rage and has become instrumental to many gym goers because of how it improves their workout sessions in the most efficient possible way. Officially made available in the market last Aug 13, 2012, Jack3D Micro serves as an alternative, NOT a replacement, to the original Jack3D.
So we have put this review together for you to read before making your purchase of one of the years most hotly anticipated pre-workout supplements. What's for certain however, is that you don't get the crash and burn effect that was typical of original Jack3d due to its DMAA content.

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