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Interval training on treadmill walking, how to burn body fat easy - For You

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I first tried out the routine seen above last Thursday, when I needed to complete 40 minutes of mixed intervals as a part of my Best Body Bootcamp workout. I actually did my first ever walking interval workout this morning, it was by Julie at PB fingers and I could NOT keep up with her speed! After a quick look at my Workout page, I realized that I only had one walking interval routine. I know that for some, walking at 5.0 is unheard of, so just use those intervals as your fastest speed walk you can manage and adjust from there. I think your workout looks tricky – fast walking is way harder than letting yourself break into a run.
I just ordered my new treadmill, I was going with the Nordictrack but I ended up getting a better deal and quicker shipping on the Proform 2500, it comes with IFIT Live and I get it next week….Yeah!!

Walking, especially when incorporated with intervals, can be an incredible, challenging cardiovascular workout.
I knew that the inclines on my latest routine were intense, so they would work just as well with a walking speed as they would a running speed.
Since I do have longer legs, my walking speeds may be different from someone else with, say, a 5’3” frame.
I like to run but every once in a while when Im not feeling it I like to do a good walking interval. We are currently treadmill-less but I’ll see if I can pace myself on the trail like this. Although the 45 Minute Treadmill Walk is a favorite of mine, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have more options.

Strange, though, is that my treadmill only goes up to a 10 incline (it is old school, I admit, but it gets the job done). 2 miles FLIES by, even though I’m actually on the treadmill longer than I would if I were running 2 miles.

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