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German engineering built the unstoppable Ronny Rockel, whose high-volume chest workout has built pecs of steel.
Back in the day, bodybuilders like Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger competed year-round, entering as many contests as possible to garner exposure and sponsorships; it was the only way to make a name for themselves in a new and growing sport. Hence, Ronny is in the midst of “enjoying” a yearlong vacation from competition, with his sights set on a distant winter contest late in 2012, which he hopes will qualify him for the 2013 Olympia. Because he’s offseason and trying to build size, Ronny is currently using a no-nonsense straight-set routine — with maybe a drop set thrown in for fun here and there. Ronny sits back squarely against the bench, lifts his upper chest slightly and begins his working sets: deliberately lowering the weight, then powering it back up to the start, each repetition a mirror-replica of the last.
Ronny slides the plates off the incline barbell and places them on the barbell at a nearby flat bench for bench presses. He lays on the flat bench, placing his feet flat on the floor for stability, and he again takes a fairly wide grip on the barbell. Ronny adjusts the seat and gets into the machine, grasping the handles firmly and placing his feet flat on the floor for stability. To hit his lower pecs with a single-joint move, Ronny adds cable crossovers as he nears the end of his workout.

Though he’s done a fairly high-volume workout — six exercises and 18 total working sets — the session took only one hour. Contest time is a different story, though, with FST-7, giant sets, supersets and extended drop sets adding a nauseating intensity that helps sculpt his famously detailed and striated physique.
Though he’s decidedly offseason, Ronny is still in ridiculous shape, and a swelling pump has begun in his chest that’s growing by the set. In a strong motion he presses the handles away from his body until his arms are fully extended and the fibers in his lower chest are completely contracted. Seven means never taking a break from training and constantly having to stay in peak shape for an entire year. He unracks the weight and slowly lowers it toward his chest, lowering his elbows toward the floor and bringing the bar to a spot just above his nipple line. Slowly, he lowers the bar toward his chest, elbows pointing down and out, until the bar nearly touches him at nipple level. When his knuckles nearly touch, he squeezes his chest hard, then slowly opens the handles back out to the sides, getting a good stretch through his pecs. He takes a step forward to create tension in the cables, but remains standing relatively upright.

He crosses his feet behind him and leans slightly forward to reduce the emphasis off his triceps.
Seven means not much in the way of fun for 365 straight days, unless said idea means you’re chained to a treadmill or Stairmaster. When it nearly touches his chest, he reverses the move and powerfully presses the bar back to the start. He presses the bar forcefully, but not over explosively, back to full-arm extension, squeezing his chest hard at the top before going into the next rep. But Ronny Rockel isn’t like most people — or even most bodybuilders for that matter: He’s a machine.
He lifts the weight off the rack and does six repetitions, then briefly re-racks it so that his buddies can each remove a plate, then he lifts it right back up and does another six reps — not so quickly this time — then repeats that process once more, forcing himself to finish a final six repetitions with pecs flushed and cramping. Three sets of 10–12 deliberate contractions, and his arms are shaking visibly from the fatigue that’s settled into his chest.

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