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Incline dumbbell curls bench angle, beginner fat burning workout to lose weight in 4 weeks (home exercises) - Within Minutes

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We all know how critical using various angles is to gaining mass and strength for major bodyparts like legs and back, but too many people fail to extend such importance to the smaller muscle groups.
Much like the preacher curl, the dumbbell curl done on an incline bench changes the angle of the arms to the body.
Although we applaud and recommend both these exercises for complete upper-arm development, for hitting the peak, the incline dumbbell curl is your clear winner. Cure your pathetic pull-up and learn to rep like a pro with this progressive training plan. In fact when most people pick up a dumbbell for the first time they try to perform some sort of bicep curl with it. A typical arm workout for most guys involves endless sets of curls, usually lifting way too heavy and swinging and cheating the weights up.
So you can perform 3-5 sets of 4-8 reps of incline dumbbell curls and incline hammer curls and then finish off with a few more sets of another biceps exercise such as cable curls.
Your biceps, like your triceps, grow and respond best when you train them with various exercises from a myriad of angles. You want to angle the bench at about 30-45 degrees backward for optimal pull on the biceps while not placing too much stress on the shoulder joint, especially in the start position when the dumbbells are hanging toward the floor. Here’s why: The peak of the biceps, or the highest point of the muscle during a double-biceps pose, is actually the long head, which is best targeted by the incline curl because of the prestretch that’s placed upon it at the start of the move.

The preacher curl places your arms in front of your body, allowing you to blast your biceps with incredible isolation.
Conversely, the long head is under much less stress during the preacher curl when your arms are in front of your torso.
There is a big difference between adding 5 pounds to a 300 pound deadlift verses adding 5 pounds to a 30 pound dumbbell curl. One way you can tell that your biceps are fast twitch is if you curl a weight that seems fairly light and then only after a few reps your struggling. As opposed to the standing dumbbell curl, the incline dumbbell curl eliminates much of the momentum and body english, helping target the muscle with unrivaled accuracy.
Make sure your armpits rest comfortably atop the bench and your triceps are flush against the pad. The dumbbells also allow you to determine muscular imbalances between arms, as you’re unable to do during the barbell versions of the curl. At the top of the movement don’t come up so high that your elbows rise off the bench, but keep your forearms short of perpendicular to the floor in the top position. Finally, during the incline dumbbell curl you can work both arms simultaneously or alternate arms depending on your preference. Sample Bicep WorkoutStanding Barbell CurlStart each bicep workout with a basic exercise such as the standing barbell curl.

Concentration CurlThis exercise isolates the biceps and is good for getting a peak contraction in the muscles.
The peak-contraction effect finishes off the muscle and helps further stimulate those reserve fibers you recruited with the stretch in the previous exercise.Sit at the end of an exercise bench with your legs spread.
Place your other hand on your opposite leg to support your upper body.Moving only your forearm, use your bicep strength to curl the dumbbell up to shoulder level.
Slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position.Since your biceps are all pumped and warmed up at this stage you can just jump to your working weight and do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each arm. Sample Tricep WorkoutClose Grip Bench PressStart your tricep workout with a big basic compound movement, such as the Close Grip Bench Press, that heavily works the triceps throughout the mid-range of the exercise.
Lie down on the flat bench press and grab the bar with a grip no wider then the width of your torso, generally for most guys this will be with the index fingers on the smooth part of a standard Olympic barbell. Working in this stretched position point where you rebound and change direction between lowering and lifting can help trigger hyperplasia or fiber splitting and thus improve overall muscle growth and size gains.Doing this exercise with an EZ curl barbell will make the movement more comfortable on the wrists and still work the tricep muscles hard. Dumbbell Kick BackThis is a good exercise to hit all three heads of the triceps with a good peak contraction and finish off your tricep workout with an incredible skin stretching muscle pump.Brace yourself against a flat exercise bench.

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