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Incline barbell press smith machine, machine press for sale - For Begninners

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We have all done incline dumbbell presses before, but this time try to flare out your elbows. Alright, most people taught you to hate on the smith machines, but don’t hate on it just yet! For starters, check out how most people do the incline bench press – they either use too much weight and so they end up pushing the weights with their shoulders, or they arch their back so much that it becomes a flat bench press.

This internally rotates your shoulders and can reduce the involvement of your front deltoids (your front delts are already pretty involved in all of your pressing movements). We are not going heavy on the smith machine – we are simply using the smith machine to focus on the lower half of the incline press movement to really target the chest. The trick is to keep the weight moving until you hit failure, and the safety clamps on the smith machine are very useful in this situation.

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