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I am fat how to lose weight, shoulder in pain and neck - Test Out

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Lately I've been working on changing how I speak to myself and that means all my clients HAVE to do the same.
After we chatted about what goes in our mouth is the key factor in gains and losses we both talked about how losing the weight and how you TALK to yourself is a real game changer. As a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, I teach women how to create a true healthy lifestyle. You need someone who understands weight loss is 30% calories and sweating; it's 70% conquering your thoughts, fears, and environment. Breast tissue is mainly fat, so when you lower your body fat percentage your boobs will shrink.

Each time you are thinking about the things you eat that aren't serving your goals reflect on the people who could use that extra weight your are carrying.
Think about each pound you lose, each mindless bite, lick taste (BLT), and each extra serving you don't really need as a gift to someone who could use it.
You never know when you change and lose some weight with the intent of it being gone forever that someone else finds your MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION to make a simple change, too. And, because I lost it the right way, I've kept it off and learned how to teach others the same. The places in your body that have the most stored fat will take the LONGEST to show results.

Hell, they might have weight to gain and see you eating better getting them to eat healthy fats versus fries!

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