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Huge calves male, best exercise for making six pack abs - Test Out

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I occasionally do calves with my trainer, but I’m like you in that my calves are not big and never will be.
The program worked adequately for adding bodyweight (which I later modified by losing bodyfat) to my back, shoulders, arms, chest, and quads — but not to my calves. I have larger calves, and while both my parents do as well, I’d also say the fact that I walk on my tip-toes (not on purpose, mind you!) contributes to their size. With my return to amateur bodybuilding just weeks away, I’ve been doing all I can to ‘bring up’ my calves. Someone I know, on the other hand, has not worked out a day in their life and they have the biggest, most ripped calves I have ever seen.

Even though I added 20 pounds to my thin-boned frame, and was consistently squatting, deadlifting, and even doing direct calf work, my calves barely budged. The issue with calves and why they’re so noticeable is that they’re kind of hanging out all by themselves for everyone to see. But I’m here to tell you that for over 20 years I’ve literally killed myself trying to get my calves to grow. But the exact opposite is true in the case of calves – the bigger your quads and hamstrings, the smaller your calves appear!
The most ironic thing is all of the people, especially women, who have great calves who say they can’t stand them and wish they were smaller!

At the end of the day, you can always improve your musculature in any muscle group, even calves.

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