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Amy Perrin, 6 Pack Sponsored Athlete and subject of the very first story in our Transformations Series, is a great role model for anyone striving to compete in a bikini fitness competition. We sat down with Amy to discuss her best advice for how to train for your first bikini fitness competition, everything from how to best use your gym backpack to its fullest meal management capabilities to tips on the actual judging process, and much more. When you’re getting ready for your first bikini fitness competition, it’s only natural to feel nervous. We’re back with part 2 of Amy Perrin’s guide on how to train for a bikini fitness competition. If you have short hair, you should get extensions.  Judges look for longer hair, so if you already have long hair that’s one less thing you have to worry about.
It is absolutely possible to train for a competition without access to a gym, although it can definitely be easier to go to the gym instead.
Even so, Amy does most of her strength training without machines, but by using just bodyweight, which anyone can do at home or on the road. From outfit suggestions to training and nutrition tips, follow Amy’s advice for a bikini competition and you’ll be sure to succeed.
Follow Amy on Instagram to see her continuing progress, including competing in a national competition and a Spartan Race.  Let us know in the comments below if you’re planning on competing or to share any of your own bikini fitness competition experiences. When training for a female fitness competition, it's important to be equipped with the knowledge of how to train effectively.

It's important to have periods of rest without training so that your muscles have a chance to repair.
Joining a fitness organization can help provide advice on training and also provide motivation to train.
From the first day she decided to get in shape she’s been pushing forward, facing her fears of competing, and just being an all around badass. As a newly minted competitor and first-place-winner in her class (twice!), we knew she’d be the perfect fit to share how anyone can get ready for their own bikini competition. It’s really your nutrition that must be amped up because what you eat is even more important than training at the gym.
You can meet other like minded people at a fitness organization which can have a positive effect on training.
This kind of dietary support can be difficult to manage, especially for incredibly busy people, but with a 6 Pack Bag, anyone can do it. Check out part two for Amy’s thoughts on nutrition, diet, and where her gym backpack fits into the picture. In part 2 we discuss how her 6 Pack gym backpack helped her stay fit, the style of outfit you should wear, and more! When you are clear on the criteria of the competition you can focus on these areas during training.

So when I saw this real girl with a real job, who wasn’t a fitness model, I was inspired to compete,” Amy said. Some may consider it a setback to not be able to go the gym, but it is possible to train on a budget. Use a meal management system in your gym bag to focus your nutrition, and you have no reason not to kick ass, at a fitness bikini competition and in life! Having a schedule and knowing how to train effectively will maximize the time you spend training. There are many different aspects of training to keep in mind in the period prior to a female fitness competition.
Nutrition is also dependent on how much exercise you're doing; to burn fat you need to be losing more calories during exercise than you're eating.
While you wait for the other girls to finish, you can make yourself stand out if you continue posing and, more importantly, switch it up. It made things more fun and relaxed.” Connect with people that are doing the show, make friendships, and simply socialize.

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