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How to strengthen wrists yoga, chronic shoulder and neck pain - Within Minutes

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Wrist injuries are common in yoga, yet we ignore them and move in to poses that put pressure on our wrists without knowing how our muscles support this complex joint. Wrist injuries can be caused for many reasons, but the one that stands out the most is poor alignment of the shoulder. Over time, wrist extensors may become weak relative to the wrist flexors, which leads to an imbalance. Most often, due to weak upper arm and shoulder strength, our weight automatically falls on the outside of our hands. Correcting habitual misalignment and stretching the wrists is a great way to start a strengthening program for the wrists.
Slowly curl the wrists in an upward motion and pause at the top for a second before releasing them down again. It is important to be aware of how fatigued you get while doing any weight bearing on the hands and to give yourself enough rest between poses.

She has been practicing yoga, meditation, and the associated philosophies for over ten years. Congestion in the neck and shoulders can impede blood flow and nerve transmission into and from the wrists. Kevin Launder, a kinesiologist at Illinois State University, said, "Wrist pain is often caused by impingement, an injury that occurs when your radius (arm bone) hits your wrist bones. This means when you are in downward dog or any other weight-bearing pose on the hands, your body will find it difficult to properly distribute the weight to your wrists.
Downward dog is an exceptional pose that builds strength across the shoulders, while increasing the range of motion in the upper body. But in general, there isn’t much you can do in yoga to isolate the muscle groups and strengthen them.
Good wrist strength is essential to our everyday activities and yoga can be a great tool to teach us more about how to take care of our wrists.

Other causes of wrist pain include osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, lack of flexibility, tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries, sprains and other sudden injuries. She has further studied the specifics of anatomy and how it’s applied when practicing yoga.
If the wrists are not strong or flexible enough to prevent the bones from touching, impingement can happen and aggravate the tendons and ligaments in the area.

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