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How to stay in shape on holiday, shoulder and elbow pain relief - Plans Download

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Realistically speaking, your goals this time of year should be to fend off the dreaded holiday bulge (the average weight gain is about a pound), hold on to your hard-won endurance (women can lose up to 20 percent of their cardiovascular fitness if they quit exercising cold-turkey between Thanksgiving and New Year's), and put a dent in the inevitable stress of the season (so the stuff that's supposed to be fun actually will be). Granted, worrying about fitness is not exactly celebrating the Christmas but with a little care you can keep fit even during the holidays. Iordanis K is an established author on weight loss and fitness who love sharing his thoughts and knowledge. Holidays weight is probably enevitable but it shound’t throw you off in terms of your fitness goals.

According to statistics, individuals gain an average of around 0.8-5 pounds during the holidays. According to a survey, the average person tends to increase 0.8 to 5 pounds in his weight over the course of his holidays.
Avoid eating too processed foods and drinking soda and focus on your favorite holiday dishes instead. Just know this, that if your calorie surplus is way too big, no amount of training will make up for that and you might end up gaining all that holiday weight you’ll have to train away afterwards.

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