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How to rip a phonebook in half trick mythbusters, exercise workout videos download - Plans Download

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Now, if you want to be able to rip ANY paperback glued book in two, then just rip it vertically along the spine! For added effect, make a feeble attempt at ripping the book in half, open the book and tear a single page out before trying again using the method above. This trick (without oven) does put an enormous strain on your wrists and the muscles of your chest.
There are few strongman tricks so impressive as ripping a phone book in half with your bare hands.

If you're strong enough and maintain a good grip on the book, you may be able to rip the book all the way down the center of its length in one shot.
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With the right technique, though, almost anyone can frighten foes and dazzle everyone around them with this trick. Once you master the proper way of ripping a phone book in half, you can use this crutch less and less.

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