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How to relieve upper back shoulder blade pain, how to lose your stomach fast - For Begninners

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Pain from trigger points in the Rhomboids muscle stay concentrated in the area of the rhomboids.
Pain felt from trigger points in the rhomboids is rarely felt as originating from the rhomboids, until trigger points in the surrounding muscles are released first. You will complain of an achy pain or soreness in-between the shoulder blades when this muscle is affected with trigger points. The Rhomboids work synergistically with the levator scapula and the upper traps in lifting the scapula but work against the upper traps with scapula rotation. For short term pain relief a thera-cane is a great massage tool to use for deactivating trigger points in the rhomboids, we use them all the time when we cannot get a massage right away.

In our massage clinic, we often see that after de-activating the trigger points in the levator scapulae and trapezius, you will feel the pain move from these muscles to the rhomboids. Excessive military posture where the shoulders are pulled back is a sign of tension in this area. But for long term pain relief, you really should book a deep tissue massage with us, because you will need an experienced massage therapist who knows that releasing short and tight pectoralis (chest) muscles with some deep massage work first is what you need for long term pain relief.
So when you decide that living with pain and dysfunction is NOT something that, you want to continue experiencing call us (408) 247-1169. Pain resembles the pain felt from trigger points in the levator scapulae, but without the restriction or limited rotation of the neck being affected.

Pain is usually felt when at rest which is not unusual when muscles are riddled with trigger points.

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