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How to relieve back pain naturally, back muscle exercises no equipment - For You

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The image below shows the entire Bladder meridian.  The reason we can relieve back pain by working points on the calf is because we are working on this long meridian that connects us all the way from head to foot. For over 20+ years, Cindy Black has dedicated her life to Natural Healing and Introspection. JOIN OUR FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER to learn things like how to help relieve back pain, neck pain and more. Find us on Pinterest Visit Big Tree School of Natural Healing's profile on Pinterest.

It is because of dedicated practitioners like you that people can be relieved of their pain naturally and learn how to care for themselves simply. Since I did the Meridian Massage training with you I always remembered that pain above is often rooted below along the meridian. These points were very tense and painful for her put slowly we worked through it until they calmed down and began to release.
I also showed her how to use a tennis ball at home to activate and release them more often.

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