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How to power clean heavy weight, how to get six pack abs without hurting your back - Test Out

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Today, we have another Mark asking, this time, about how to do the Power Clean for a beginner as well as what barbell to use in a gym to eventually be power cleaning heavy weights.
I’ m Mark from Israel and I found your videos about the Power Clean and really liked them. Until now, I was doing only bent-over rows instead of Power Cleans while also doing hyper-extensions+abs, so now I want to throw them off, and do only the workouts as I have written above. I am glad that my fitness and strength videos have helped you and have motivated you to give the Power Clean a go. Having said the above, if you have access to an Olympic barbell, you are best using one, instead of the rest of barbells, for heavy exercises such as the Power Clean. Now that I have covered the type of barbell you should be using, I will address your second Power Clean question.
I got myself strong in the Power Clean by following my own advice as I give to you in my tutorial!
Don't get us wrong, you can do body weight exercises and plyometrics and still make decent gains. However sooner or later you are going to reach a point where you will need to hit the gym in order to maximize your jumping ability.

The use of weights also allows you to overload the muscles way beyond what could be achieved through just jumping. On top of that weight training will also help make you less injury prone, and the strength gains will carry over to other requirements of your sport besides the specific movement you are training. As is the case with plyometrics, there is plenty of confusing and conflicting information out there about what is actually the best way to train for muscular power. Included in this section are details of the best types of exercises, as well as the weight training protocols such as number of sets, rest periods etc, that might be effectively used in your vertical jump program. Hitting the weights with a goal of improving your muscular power will significantly boost your vertical jump. If you go to the gym and just start lifting weights the chances are you will end up developing the wrong things. This is not the first time I have questions on how to perform this lift and I am very happy that my advice on the Power Clean is helping so many people already! If, on the contrary, your gym doesn’t have an Olympic barbell, then I would recommend you to avoid Power Cleans and instead concentrate on building big weights on the Deadlift and Bent-Over Rows. You are obviously a beginner to the Power Clean which means that now is a good time to learn good technique on this lift.

I just started working out in a gym and started looking for workout plans and how to transform my body in 3-4 months. The Olympic barbell weights 20kgs (44lbs) and is of special use for heavy exercises such as the Squat, Power Clean, Deadlift or Bench Press. The Power Clean is a high impact exercise that will destroy your wrists and elbows if you don’t use a barbell that has revolving sleeves, especially once you start powercleaning big weights.
You have taken the right step by watching my Power Clean videos on Youtube and now you should complement that with studying my Power Clean tutorial (which is used already with much success by other lifters and athletes).
Do as many as it takes to feel that the barbell is moving fast and the Power Clean groove is good as I outline in my article.
Once you have a good understanding of what you should be doing in the Power Clean, then it is time to put it into good practice. You should also do your Power Cleans as the first exercise of the workout and, on the workout day that Power Cleans are not scheduled, you should also do Power Cleans with the barbell alone at the beginning.

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