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How to lose body fat percentage, pulled muscle recovery tips - Review

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Obviously, depending on where you are, it might take a while to reach your ideal body composition. In fact, every time you lose 5% body fat, reward yourself with a trip to buy some really cool looking underwear. The health and fitness industry is taking advantage of this time and flooding mass media with tips, tricks, and shortcuts on how to lose weight. Otherwise, you are going to stress your body out and it will be very difficult to keep lean muscle, which means you will gain weight back even easier. So let’s cut the fluff and get straight to the tried and true method of reducing body fat.I am going to give it to you hard and fast.
There is no shortcut to cutting weight, and there aren’t any miracle pills that will instantaneously melt fat off of your body in a short period of time.
There are supplements that can certainly aid in fat loss, but the only method that works effectively surrounds metabolism.If you follow the method that is outlined in this post 100%, you will lose weight. Unless you’ve been restricting calories for an extended period of time (which I will post about later), have hormonal imbalances, medical issues, or issues with your gut microbiome, I am confident that the formula here will reduce your body fat. If you follow this method strictly and still struggle with fat-loss, then there may be hormonal and inflammatory issues that should be dealt with first.This is part 1 of a 3-post series. If you want to lose fat and maintain muscle mass more effectively (part 2 of 3), then the link provided outlines the fundamental concepts you need to understand in conjunction with the information that follows.

Your body requires this energy to sustain life, helping to circulate the blood in your body, keep your heart beating, regulate breathing, grow and repair tissue, regulate hormone activity, and much more.
This essentially means that the apple contains 90 calories of energy that your body can use to kick off any number of biochemical processes. So if I were to lay in bed, motionless for 24 hours, this is how much energy is required for me to sustain life.
While I prefer to use the Katch-Mcardle formula because it takes into consideration body composition (the amount of relative fat to fat-free mass in your body), I chose to go with the Harris-Benedict BMR calculator here since most people are unaware of their body fat percentage. The Katch-Mcardle formula will improve accuracy when body composition leans toward the ends of the spectrum of body fat percentage (very muscular or obese).In order to estimate how many calories your body needs per day, you must incorporate an estimate of the energy you require through the physical activity you engage in on an average day.
Your body can either generate energy from the foods that you eat or extracts from its energy stores, typically stored in fat or muscles. After every meal, food is broken down into molecules that can be immediately used for energy by the body. If your body burns all the energy from the meal you just ate, it will then tap into fat and muscle stores for added energy. However, if you don’t burn all that free-flowing energy after eating, much of the remainder is then stored as fat. This doesn’t mean that I’d recommend eating burgers and fries every day because I believe micronutrients play a critical role in the success of body re-composition and improving overall health.

Regardless the macronutrient profile, if you are creating a caloric deficit, you will lose fat. It’s as simple as that and is demonstrated in this study of 811 overweight adults over a two year period: Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets With Different Compositions of Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates.
In another study: Comparison of the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone Diets for Weight Loss and Heart Disease Risk Reduction, there were no statistical differences in weight loss by diet program.Lose Fat with Basic MathNow, let’s get to the good stuff! In a caloric deficit, your body will begin to tap into its fat stores for energy through the mechanisms of energy balance.Multiply your TDEE by 75-80%, which is a 20-25% reduction in calories per day. I recommend beginning with 80% and adjusting as necessary depending on how you feel and your rate of progress.
Effective weight loss and alterations to body composition require attention to detail, tracking, patience, and the discipline to keep at it.

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