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How to lose body fat and gain lean muscle, video on exercise - Within Minutes

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With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just 28 days.
How to lose body fat and not muscle (without following a, How to get lean and build serious muscle and strength, faster than you ever thought possible…. It's no secret that the key to building a huge V-shaped back is mastering pull ups and chin ups. You have a burning desire to move beyond the body you have right NOW -- the one that seems to have hit a rut and you can't seem to improve, even just a little bit.
You're not an ordinary body builder: you've worked hard to make progress and you're not a typical no-nothing gym rat who socializes at the water cooler. To this point you've been told that your genetics is what separates the best from the rest and the truth of the matter is that your genetics do play a significant role in how big and muscular you become.
Men look different from one another—some look very different; BETTER, bigger and stronger than other men. You, on the other hand have already approached or exhausted your genetic potential and are not sure if your body is capable of any more physique-altering improvements. And unless that trainer was using my system, you would STILL not get the results you were looking for. Well, you can use overpriced supplements -- the pills, powders and potions that hide behind the fancy term proprietary blend. The next new supplement has the same crap in it that the last supplement had but with different marketing "science" and new digitally enhanced before and after pictures. Supercede your genetics by taking steroids and while these powerful drugs will have a positive effect, (assuming it's even legit and not something tainted, dangerous, and unhealthy made in a bathtub), the negative side effects are well documented.
Not only will those things drain your bank account and cost you hours of frustration setting up but they'll take weeks trying to figure out how to use them and then the next thing you know they are collecting dust!
I've been in the transformation business for eight years and helped over 20,000 people in 120 different countries go from scrawny-to-brawny, regular-to-ripped and flabby-to-firm. I have so much more confidence in myself, when I'm around my friends, and more importantly, around women. I wanted to see if Vince’s claims were actually true and if I was able achieve these amazing results.
Now that I’ve transformed my body completely I feel a lot better, look a lot better, get more respect from men and more attention from girls.
I saw incredible results in the first 3 weeks and I couldn't believe the changes, neither did my friends, some of them even asked if I started steroids!!! I feel so good knowing I have a nice body and I'll be comfortable on the beach when I leave in January.
At some point your gains have slowed - and you're just like 99% of the rest of the world, myself included. Well, you're probably thinking how amazing it would be to blast through that plateau and go beyond -- WAY BEYOND - your genetic potential. Sadly until this point, attempting to build a body completely ripped with layers upon layers of thick, dense muscle mass meant dabbling in illegal anabolic steroids or expensive Growth Hormone that will screw up your body in the long run and drain your back account. You see… unlike all those self-proclaimed fitness gurus you run into online, my programs also comes backed by science and REAL WORLD experience.
You may have flunked science in High School or not pursued a health and science degree which is cool but if you really want to know why you've plateaued, and why your body isn't growing as quickly -- or at all -- you've got to know how your body really works. Not only do I have four years of Kin, but I have also combined that with six-years of in-the-trenches, real-world training experience, young and old, male and female, fat and skinny plus I have clients from over 120 different countries following my books - I guarantee I've worked with someone like you already. Back when I started I was just applying what I was learning in Kin, but over the last eight years I've combined that with what I've seen work over and over again and eliminated everything else. 2 different types of muscle growth: Hypertrophy refers to an increase in the size of the muscle fibers while hyperplasia refers to an increase in the number of muscle fibers.
3 different muscle fibers to target: They are called Type 1 (slow-twitch), Type 2a (fast-twitch) and Type 2b (fast-twitch) and all you need to know is that we are limited to certain ones based on our genetic makeup. Or it could be that they were told, during their personal training certification weekend, what they were learning is all they needed to learn about bodybuilding, and that they shouldn't bother learning anymore.
Or maybe they just don't LIVE bodybuilding 24 hours a day and their focus on training starts at 5am with their shift, and ends at 2pm, five days a week. Building muscle is not as simple as training hard, eating big and resting or else every dude you know would have a phenomenal physique because this information is just common sense. As Long As You Train One-Way You'll Always Be Limited By Your Genetic Potential And Get Left Behind. The more advanced you become, the harder it is for your body to respond as well as hit these twelve-different anabolic targets. Look, I've known about these twelve different targets right from the start and I have even woven a few of them into my original No Nonsense Muscle Building program - consider that the appetizer meal preparing you for the main course. Let's see the effects on an average guy who achieved results using No Nonsense Muscle Building which has just a few of the targets built into it. Whether you started with my No-Nonsense Muscle Building or your own beginner program, it was just what your body needed and gave you the results you wanted. You're done with the appetizer meal and you're ready for the main course - now you're ready for my advanced methods.
I knew my clients would experience mind blowing muscle size with my existing basic methods but they will eventually hit a plateau and need new advanced methods to bust through which is what you're moments away from getting.
Yes, these guys achieved inspiring and impressive real world results simply by following and trusting my training advice. I want to take these guys and I want to take YOU to a whole new level of muscularity you don't believe is possible.
I want you to experience blood-boiling muscle pumps and the most intense workouts of your life. I want you to crush your genetic limits and I want you to be proud of who you are because you deserve the body of your dreams. That's why I have already mailed the first month's installment of my new advance muscle routine, to all the success stories above.
As any experienced trainer knows, it is very difficult to achieve both loss of fat and muscle gain at the same period.
MYM Phase One (100 Rep muscle) awoke my muscles again and set the stage for what was to come in the phases to follow. After searching over and under, Maximize Your Muscle caught my eye with a very affordable first month of the program(FREE).
Every month, my roommate and I would pick a new quote from the MYM book and post it in our status’ on facebook or on the wall of our room. My arms exploded and got Huge during this program, i finally found my six pack, and packed on over 15 pounds of pure muscle during Maximize Your Muscle! He was a huge inspiration to me and the more I read about body building the more interesting it became until one day I was infected with the BB virus (just before I decided to start MYM) :) after the virus took control over me it affected my whole lifestyle.
I’ve tried everything the pyramid routine, 12 rep ranges, doing as much as u can on single weighted dumbbell, my body just didn’t respond to gain any muscle!
When I received the 100 rep, straight away looked at the DVD, photo copied the program and I was off to gym. Four months later, I’m double the size I was, super defined and I was asked to compete in the body building contest this September.
Like all involved in the MYM program, it has taken lots of work, sweat, tears, consistency and eating healthy.

You may think you've tried every program to build muscle, but until you target all twelve anabolic targets with Maximize Your Muscle, you're not even close to having a perfect physique.
The opportunity on this page to MAXIMIZE YOUR MUSCLE is not for guys who sporadically workout or rejoin the gym off and on.  This is not for you if show up late, slide out early, cheat your rep counts and hold anything back. If you're looking for an advanced monthly muscle routines and exclusive coaching to grow beyond your genetic limits… keep looking… THERE IS NONE!
NEW STANDARD and ADVANCED, MONTH-BY-MONTH BLUEPRINT for taking your physique to that "super-human level" to make certain 2010 finishes as your most muscular year EVER! This 2-CD audio set reveals everything about the twelve anabolic targets of bodybuilding that make up the Maximize Your Muscle system. How I broke my own frustrating and annoying plateau and grew from 190 lbs to 210 lbs of solid muscle.  Just when I thought I was done growing, I gained an additional 20 lbs of muscle in the past 2 years!
I'll show you why you were destined to plateau, how your plateau was totally unavoidable (given what you've been taught) and how to shatter through your body's limits to begin growing your muscles again, and sculpting the body of your dreams. The entire 2-CD kit is 120 minutes of straight up content for anyone serious about making 2010 your most muscular year - by far. Each month's issue of Maximize Your Muscle is a 20-page digital newsletter that will include a brand new advanced muscle routine that will put you on a collision course for getting bigger faster than ever before. This month’s featured workout, 100 Rep Muscle will utilize one of the twelve anabolic targets: Extraordinary muscle fiber recruitment by exploiting Multi-Angular Rip Training (MART) which I have never revealed until now. Each issue includes workout sheets and a training log section so you have zero guess work and so that you can record your results in one place.
Discover what supplements are necessary to prime your body for maximum growth before you even step foot in the gym by setting up an anabolic environment using supplements and supplement brands that are legit. Find out how I finally found my higher-calling in life and wake up truly happy each morning. This is what I'm giving you today - the lynchpin of the whole system to begin your advanced muscle training and man is it going to blow you up! Each 100 reps lasts a killer 24 minutes per body part, takes only minutes to learn, but is unbelievably fun yet challenging (and it has nothing to do with 10 sets of 10). Within the first 7-days you'll experience a body altering effect that feels unlike anything else. Whether you've plateaued after 3 months or 3 years the first months advanced muscle routine lays the ground work to prepare you for smashing through your genetic limits. Each month's workout is more than just an instructional video of how to perform proper technique.
If you're ever lacking motivation you'll get a perfect idea of how to break though it after witnessing the intensity and determination as the cameras follow your coach through a genuine 'no holds barred' advanced workout. At the start of each month, all Maximize members will be invited to a private, closed-door muscle mastermind coaching call to supercharge your muscle gains… and get plugged into the success mindset you need to build a body that will transform you life.
Listening to guys who are committed and focused on success will make it easier for you to see your own success story become a reality. Last January I privately launched Maximize Your Muscle to my own list of readers - many of whom have become friends despite living in all regions of the world.
The group is committed to getting your questions answered, sharing workout advice, comparing results and trouble shooting each others questions.
However, I'm dead confident that after you get a taste of what it's like to have a world class fitness champion as your own personal coach. But I've tested the hell out of each month's workout, using my own sweat and effort, my own research in the trenches, my own natural genetics and now I'm going to show you what works. As you know, I'm not one of those guys who only sells bodybuilding stuff from his basement without taking his shirt off.
In fact, not only did I use the Maximize You Muscle workouts to gain 20 lbs of new muscle this past 2 years but I used the same workouts, I'm sending you, to prepare for my most recent photo shoot in Punta Cana with my fiance. I truthfully believe that Maximize Your Muscle will reveal new results in just 14-days and you'll be a happy customer for the life of your stay.
As you'll see this is not like a bodybuilding or fitness magazine that you can just pick up at any time of the year or else it's just a matter of time before you hit a wall.
Maximize Your Muscle is built around a curriculum and each month you'll receive the next phase, a new advanced muscle building routine, which is structured and builds upon last month's workout phase. Full-Body Vinsanity is a 5-day workout hitting the entire body and taking total-body demand to a whole new level. You'll experience insane cardio conditioning, increased fat loss, a revved up metabolism and rock-solid muscle gains. It's time to discard with phase two and start getting used to your girlfriend not being able to keep her hands off you. Reaching new levels week after week can easily be accomplished when you bring closure to your workouts by targeting the correct Type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers and exploiting the second method of muscle growth - hyperplasia. By now you've gained more muscle in the past three months than you have in the past three years. It's time to match all the compliments you're getting from beautiful women with nods of respect from your iron brothers by building savage strength to improve your overall mass and convince your body to grow even more. Again, we'll be shooting for 3 different new targets during the Savage Strength Super Program so you can match anyone in the gym pound for pound and rep for rep on any exercise, including full squats, deadlifts and bench presses. You know that momentary intensity alone, when a muscle is pushed beyond the stress it has never received, determines muscle growth.
Discover The 21-Minute Muscle Maker which disproves the belief that you need a significant amount of training volume to simulate muscle growth. Results of studies of the ideal male body are surprisingly consistent all around the world.
This month’s anabolic targets we're aiming for are designed to make women attracted to you by your cut, round & defined shoulders and chest, complemented by better arms than the average male.
You'll already be flaunting a 'designer body' by this point but you're on the verge for what women don't believe exists - the perfect package. This isn't for you if you pride yourself for your softness, perfumed body sprays, frosted tip highlights and if your last movie rental was Sex and the City. Show me a guy who is really good at pull ups and you'll show me a guy who has a HUGE muscular back!
Right from the out of shape beginner who can't even do a single pull up with bodyweight, right on up to the advanced muscle-head who can bang out multiple sets of weighted pull ups! Watch and learn how you can 'Blast Your Back' by mastering one of the best upper body exercises of all time - The Pull Up! Gorillas grow to look like gorillas, lions grow to look like lions and men grow to look like men. They walk around with the physique of a Greek God - complete with jaw-dropping, gawking stares and virtually endless attention from anyone they want to get attention from.
But really they are the same old, rice flour and other miscellaneous ingredients that have left you feeling bloated and sick. It IS possible to build a body like a bodybuilder even when you START when you are over 40 years old. Thinking that his claims about huge gains sounded crazy I subscribed to his newsletter and after reading his informative newsletters for a while I decided that this was the programme for me.
But Vince’s motivational, informative and no nonsense style made it very simple and a lot easier to transform my body. The good news is that it IS possible to "convert" some muscle fibers from one type to another and bypass your genetics.

Two ways to grow muscle, four ways to stimulate muscle growth, three muscle fibers to work on, and three energy systems to feed them all. It could be that they've got their own physique purely because of genetics and if you do the same old crunches and curls they did, you'll end up with the same body they got. I completely changed my diet and your program helped me a lot, as I previously did not trainer proper, but also I was using unnecessary supplements, so I spent a lot of money that I didn't need to. The way you introduced your program caught my eye as you said it was geared towards people that have been training for awhile and didn’t shy away from hard work. Strength and endurance through the roof and started to get cuts where I never thought possible on me.
My main focus was to lose fat during this time so I could be ripped on my 30th birthday during my vacation. I was extremely suprised that using MYM I not only got ripped, I gained almost just as much muscle! As the months went on, i saw rapid and incredible changed, not only in my body, but in my behavior.
I stopped smoking (for good), didn’t go out at night if wanted to work out the next day, restricted my alcohol consumption and of course adjusted my nutrition to my needs. I didn’t have much knowledge on how to build my body so I use to go to the gym & pretty much do nearly every possible machine in the gym. A month later I measured myself and gained couple of cm all over my body which gave me a massive confidence boost to keep going!
Face it, most guys know their workouts are not reinforcing muscle growth but they continue with random workouts out of fear they will lose size if they try something different. It's no wonder so many are dissatisfied with their results and just whine and complain and make excuses.
No longer will you show up to the gym and crank out training sessions blindly in hopes of good results. Yes, something as simple as food makes all the difference in achieving the degree of muscularity you desire. It's an opportunity to see the intensity applied to each month's workout to pump you up and 100 Rep Muscle is no exception. This is your coach at his best… The intensity will motivate you while my condition and motivational talks inspire you. You will participate from the comfort of your own home and help foster the growth of each member in our mastermind! Future installments of the monthly digital newsletter, monthly DVD and coaching call are billed $69.95 per month, starting 30 days from today.
This will be the most challenging training of your life and force your body to new levels challenging you with an entire new series of bi-combos and lifting protocols. It's designed to make you dense and deliver the muscle thickness to earn the respect of your fellow gym brothers.
Women prefer lean, muscular guys with wide shoulders, "V-tapered" torsos, and narrow waists. Each workout consists of a high frequency portion for certain areas as well as a focused portion for other body parts… and we still haven't hit all the anabolic targets. I have made the best gains of my entire life, and it has changed my outlook on life in general. With all the information easily accessible and instructions on how to do everything from when and what to eat to when and what to do physically all that was left for me to do was to JUST DO IT. Throughout this transformation I’ve learned so much about myself as a person and developed into a better person.
And it's much more than your gyms own trainer certification program, which are nothing more than a weekend course followed by their photo being pasted on the gym wall.
You just need to understand that it's there, it's real, and if you're not training using all this science, you're leaving something out of your workout. Your insights for living life, the wisdom you have already gathered for a young man of 30, your passion to develop the human body all come through in your material. I would be amazed to think what would have happened in terms of muscle gain if I focused on bulking up and ate at a surplus all the time. My roommate at college told me that watching me change was “inspiring stuff”, and he then borrowed my first month of the program when I started month 2 of MYM. Every month, i was challenged with something new, a different way i can better my way of life, and ways of reaching my newly set goals, made in month number two.
Where I evaluated who I was hanging out with, and decided whether or not those people would help me become the person I wanted to become, and from there Ii saw the most improvement in my life. With the help of MYM i figured out important things in my life, packed on muscle, and got ripped.
Thanks to Google I was able to figure out that the right nutrition’s the key and soon I also stumbled upon Vince’s blog. Honestly I thought that this would be the same thing as the magazines and other internet lies that I red. Instead this means there is no looking back only charging forward with a brand new more muscular conditioned physique that breeds awe and reverence. Instead you'll make every workout a life changing experience by kicking the crap out of the weights and earning the respect of your gym brothers. Instead you'll be gleaming with satisfaction and accomplishment when you step out of the shower and spot yourself in the mirror. Instead you'll get the results you want from the training today, and you're fully-stoked for your workout tomorrow. Choose lean high-quality proteins like egg whites, poultry, lean red meat and protein supplements.
Though many rely on diet sodas, Crystal Light and other low-calorie sweetened drinks, plain old water is really your best bet.
And that I did with the support and help from Vince and the wonderful people on the online forum. The challenge taught me to be more confident, disciplined, to believe in what I do, and made me into a much happier and fun person.
Honestly, when I think about it I believe it was your work ethic that I have seen and some of your comments about the way some or I should say most people “exercise” that made me take action and say this was for me. We are serious body builders dedicated to packing on intimidating size by exploiting all TWELVE unique targets of bodybuilding YOU WON'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!
It's the backbone of your entire plan, the foundation of a hard body.Bodybuilding nutrition consultant Jim Juge says nutrition determines your success or failure, plain and simple. It can be a real mental battle to stick to your food plan.To stay motivated and deal with cravings, Juge has a couple of great recommendations. Come breakfast time tomorrow, follow his plan as strictly as you can and get ready to show off those impressive muscles in a month.
I take front, side and back pictures of them at the beginning and have them post the photos on their mirror at home.

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