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How to lose belly fat for men, causes of neck and shoulder pain during pregnancy - Reviews

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You know you have a bloated belly, if it starts off relatively flat in the morning, but grows larger throughout the day with gas or indigestion.
You will find it easier to boast flat, defined abs, as the hardest place for you to lose body fat is from the lower body. Most men preferentially deposit fat in their abdominal area, this is due to the action of male hormone testosterone. Therefore, losing belly fat is harder and achieving low level of body fat in the abdomen more difficult. Your belly may be bloated due to food intolerances, sluggish bowels as a result of a poor diet or a relatively unknown, but probably common condition called Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Also, this body shape is the most likely to have high levels of deep belly fat (visceral fat). You need to implement a diet that will help you lose belly fat and regular exercise to burn fat and strengthen your abs. Therefore, it’s not even worth thinking about aiming for flat abs until that process is complete and stay clear of crunches, as they will force these muscles farther apart.
Women tend to deposit fat on the hips, thighs and buttocks, which is down to the effects of the female hormone, estrogen.
Read about which foods you should be avoiding and which ones will help you quickly lose that belly.

For this reason, a woman’s body shape changes and belly fat increases after the menopause when estrogen levels decrease.
Exercises targeting the transversus abdominus will help to strength your core and flatten your belly, by pulling it in from the inside out.
Though men tend to have more belly fat than women, men generally lose belly fat faster as a result of regular exercise.

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