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How to lose 10 of body fat, muscle and performance april 2013 - .

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Women are lucky in the sense that they can get away with a lot more body fat that a guy before it starts to look sloppy. Some one who exercises feels firm even if they have fat and women who exercise tend to have less cellulite and bloating. For fat loss, the feedback I get is that there is something to look forward to during the day. We want something more complicated, something “new” and improved, straight from the latest health or bodybuilding magazine.
And so are the essential minerals. Zinc and calcium for example, both a vital partner in your war against fat, are left behind.
The number that comes up on the scale means exactly one thing, and one thing only: how much your body weighs at that particular moment in time.
Since I stopped tracking the scale, and really, anything else other than the weight I slap onto the barbell, I have become more in tune with my body than I ever have been.

Thats not how body fat works when it goes that low and its why its a great picture painter.
You only need to eat more food and it should be something healthy with complex carbs + protein if you want to gain healthy weight without a sodium load, nitrates and saturated fats. I notice some diet sites only take people to a bmi of 20 which is around 20% fat if you are average activity level and body composition (non-athlete, avg height). I would guess the woman above would be judged better looking and in better health once she gets above 18% body fat and preferably at about 20%. What happens is it increases growth hormone, which means less body fat and more testosterone. I won’t get in to your daily macro’s, as it’s beyond the scope of this blog, however you may be eating anywhere from 50-150g of carb’s with dinner. You only have to worry about less than 20 when a doctor runs blood tests on your and tells you your low fat is messing with your hormones, bone density etc.

However you should always be performing resistance training and should always be lifting heavy.
Just by getting on the scale or with a fat caliper you can't really tell that unless you are having complications you can see with your eyes like hair loss etc. She reported more energy, a boost in confidence, and couldn't stop saying how excited and optimistic she felt! Actual body fat for a female that she needs is 10-12% essential fat and you should really keep it about 3-4% higher than that just to avoid health issues in case you are measured incorrectly or accidentally lose weight.
More likely is that the heavier guy looks muscular, but still doesn't have a 6-pack because of that 32+ pounds of fat he has on him.

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