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How to keep losing weight while pregnant, fitness workout music - Review

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After I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (still hanging out on level 1 and I am proud to say I can do all of the push-ups that she does for the workout… oh yeah, but mine are on my knees and she does them on her toes) while Brooke continued to snooze in the swing. I’m good for 4-5 days a week, depending on my work schedule, and do weights 3x weekly. I’m looking forward to being done with this cycle of marathon training so that I can go down to just 3-4 days of non-goal running for a while.
I’m training for my FIRST marathon right now and am doing the run less run faster plan which is 3 days running and 2 days cross train (although I cross train 3 days), and my bod seems to be hanging in there! Karen, I am 31 weeks pregnant now and was not able to exercise during most of my first trimester.

I am trying to do more crosstraining too so that I can keep my legs strong and don’t burn out.
Before pregnancy I ran 3-4 times a week (1 tempo,1 long run and 2 easy runs) and crosstrained 3 times a week (weights twice a week and yoga once). I haven’t ran since last Friday because I majorly hurt my hips with all this pregnancy business.
I figured it out the other day while running home from work and meeting up with another runner. I was up to 50 in a row at one point, with less weight training and more running, I’ve lost a bit, but pride in my running more than makes up for it!

Luckily my apartment gym has free wifi so I brought my iPad, and watched How I Met Your Mouther on Netflix !
Obviously those things are a while off, but you should totally look forward to having Brooke as your running entertainment some of the time. I also try to get 1 spin class a week, 2 full body weight lifting workouts, and 1-2 sessions of yoga.

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