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How to get wider shoulders at home, foods that help weight loss - For Begninners

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Don't just target your shoulders—target your back and pecs as well, to grow proportionately. If performing Upright Rows, use a wide-grip and only pull up to where your elbows are about parallel to the floor. Target the shoulders through military presses, Arnold presses, anterior and lateral side raises, push-ups, and rotator cuff exercises with rowing machines. Swimming works nearly every muscle in your body, but if use the correct form, you can target your shoulders and upper body for a great workout. Keeping your shoulders stretched and limber not only should be part of your workout regimen, but can also make your upper body look more expansive. Keeping your spine straight, shoulders back, and gut firm can make a big difference in the way you look.

Maybe you can't seem to bulk up no matter how much you eat, and look as skinny as a half-stuffed scarecrow; or maybe you are one of the people who want to look slim and you are troubled by your heavy frame. The natural line of the V will help separate your shoulders visually, making them appear wider. Whether broad-shouldered or not, walking and carrying yourself with confidence—head up, shoulders back— will leave the impression of a man of substance, physically. Just as wider shoulders make your waist look slimmer, a slimmer waist makes your shoulders look wider. Also, to make sure you always use proper form, ask an expert at your gym or get information on technique from other reputable sources.
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Choose clothing that is tailored such that it cuts in at the waist and out at the shoulders. Don't go overboard, or it will break the illusion and you'll look like you're wearing shoulder pads that are too big.
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