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How to get washboard abs in a week, fast fat burning foods - PDF Review

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Our five-week plan requires you to train your midsection three times a week, resting at least 48 hours between sessions. The key with this exercise is to choose a weight with which you can do only 10 reps to focus on building strength in your abs. Like Group A, this group has one exercise dedicated to lower abs, one for upper abs and one for obliques. We promised an ab workout that accounts for progression over time - that is, as your abs become stronger, you want to keep challenging them for continued progress.

At the end of five weeks, your abs will be much improved - and the proof will be in the mirror as well as in your advancing strength. The higher rep target works the abs in a slightly different way than that of the Group A move, building the ridges and valleys that make up a taut midsection. Pay particular attention to your diet - monitoring carb and fat intake, total calories and following a smart supplementation program - while including four 30-minute cardio sessions a week to strip off bodyfat. At the higher rep range, your abs will feel the burn much sooner as you train them in a slightly different manner to emphasize muscle endurance.

This strategy ensures that all areas of your abs get worked first when your energy levels are highest and through all the training zones: heavy for 10 reps to focus on strength, moderate for 15 reps to build size, and with bodyweight only for 20 reps to make the abs burn and build muscle endurance.

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