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How to get rid of a body high, get six pack abs - How to DIY

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Potassium is a necessary mineral for body growth and muscle development, and also helps the body process amino acids.
Avoid the following vegetables, which are high in potassium: dried beans and peas in any form, olives and sauerkraut.
People with high potassium levels should never use salt substitutes listed on the package label as KCl, or anything called "light" salt.
Unpleasant body odor is an embarrassing problem that everyone had to deal with at some point.
Lemon is one of the most easily available natural substances for reducing body odor and is effective even for people who have extremely sensitive and delicate skin.
Once the bacterial growth is reduced, problems with body odor will be much easier to control.
You may dab a bit of tea tree oil onto excessively sweaty areas with a cotton ball to curb body odor. Turnips are full of vitamin C and like other products control the growth of bacteria, thereby reducing body odor. Try to drink a minimum of one glass of juice per day for a period of 6 months to notice the positive effects on body odor reduction.

If you find the taste off-putting, you can start by consuming consuming very small quantities til you get used to the taste.
Some types of seafood like tuna or swordfish contain high amounts of mercury, a toxin that can give you a nasty body odor. Consuming high amounts of spicy foods, red meat, garlic, onion, curry spices and fenugreek can negatively affect the smell of your sweat.
Body odor occurs as the result of the many toxins circulating in the body, which are then excreted through the skin.
Baking soda is highly recommended for people who have minimal sweating but still experience bad body odor. Corn starch is most useful for people in whom there is excessive sweating, leading to bad odors produced by the body. Rub this paste externally on the body while bathing and let it remain on the skin for 5 minutes before rinsing off.
The traditional Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine recognizes turnip as an ancient remedy for coping with body odor. One must bathe twice a day, especially in the morning, as sweat and body odor builds up on the skin overnight.

One must avoid fried foods as they contain a high calorie content and increase a person's basal metabolic rate, which leads to profuse sweating.
A potassium level higher than this is an indication of an electrolyte imbalance known as hyperkalemia, which can have serious side effects.
Activated charcoal helps by binding to the toxins in the body, thus reducing their ability to produce body odor. Tomato juice has excellent anti-septic properties which makes it a great option for reducing offensive body odor. His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Install Software in Ubuntu, and his proudest achievement has been becoming an Admin.

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