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How to get lower abs in 2 weeks, adela garcia facebook - Review

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Love this as I struggle continually with my lower abs even though I have low body fat and do strength work 5x a week most weeks. The lower abs that all those fitness models have represents an accomplished level of fitness. This means there’s a few different routes to get there that apply to different people. You use your abs all day to hold yourself erect, so working them out every day is unnecessary.

If your abs don’t show after lowering your body fat levels to the range of 15-20%, then you need more muscle. Once you have a solid foundation (at least one month), start incorporating weight lifting and 2-3 abdominal exercises twice per week. So a regular crunch activates more of the upper part of the muscle while a reverse crunch activates the lower part of the muscle. Some feel ok at low body fat levels and some don’t so utilize this recommendation according to your own body.

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