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How to get jacked in 2 months, ab workout six pack shortcuts - For You

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It took me 6 months of dedication to drop 43 pounds of fat, build pounds of shredded muscle mass and get ripped (I realize the actual time span was 8 months, but I took 2 months off from my usual training and nutrition implements from May to July to maintain my results before hitting the final stretch). Those who are serious about transforming their physiques will press on and endure through that first month as their body adjusts to their new training and nutrition habits.
I’ve misled you with sweeping statements declaring that absolutely anyone can get ripped.

Psychologically speaking, however, very few have what it takes to dedicate themselves to a lofty goal like getting ripped for long enough to see it through to tasting success. Since most individuals either don’t understand how to add muscle mass without getting fat, lack the patience to do so, or both, they end up adding more fat than muscle and have to start the process of leaning out all over again. That’s because everyone who follows me already has access to the most effective combination of training and feeding the body to build muscle, burn fat and get ripped.

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