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How to get fit fast running, best ab workout for six pack - Plans Download

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Pulling on your trainers and hitting the road for a run can be a great way to shed the winter weight, improve your cardiovascular health and get the endorphins pumping. With summer fast approaching, consider hitting the beach not only for a swim in the surf but a run on the sand to increase the intensity of your training. You will need to adjust your technique a little to get the most out of the run without putting too much stress on your body.
Running on an unstable surface in bare feet requires the use of more muscles in the body so you will burn more calories.

You will need to point your feet down into the sand rather than running flat footed as you would on the road. When the two weeks were up, the men had a 23 per cent improvement in how effectively they used insulin to remove glucose from their bloodstreams. This can put pressure on your calf muscles and the skin of your toes and feet and is probably one of the hardest things for the body to get used to. This will help to avoid too much abrasion underneath your toes or pain in your feet from having your toes splayed by soft sand running.

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