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How to get fatter legs, shoulder injury pain on top of shoulder - For You

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You need to do two things: burn off as much body fast as possible while simultaneously tightening the muscles in your legs. The bad news is that women are more likely to store fat in their legs – this is a fact of nature. And don’t buy into the idea that genetics have doomed you to have fat legs for the rest of your life.
There will be some variation in terms of how often you perform a workout – each body is different and recovers at varying rates. Cardio doesn’t have the ability to burn as many calories, change the contour of your legs or increase production of hormones.

No matter how much exercise you do and no matter how healthy you eat, if you’re in a caloric surplus you will not be able to lose leg fat no matter how hard you try.
Clearly, food quality, meal frequency, blood sugar levels, pre and post workout nutrition, meal size and supplementation also affect your progress… BUT, calories in versus calories out will have the final say in terms of how much leg fat you ultimately lose. If you are serious about learning how to lose leg fat you have to take action on the advice in this tutorial. And to tighten the muscles in your legs you need to do specialized exercises for your lower body. You have to do a lot of total body training so that your body releases as many fatty acids as possible.

This will help you tone all the smaller, more obscure muscles in your legs while simultaneously improving the health of your lower back.

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