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How to get body fat percentage tested, free home workout plans - For Begninners

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To make sure you’re losing body fat you have to understand the difference between body weight and body fat. Example: If I weigh 130 lb and my body fat percentage is 10, that means I have 13 lb of fat on my body.
Our bodies need a certain amount of fat to function optimally (essential body fat) and everything else is fat you can do without. Essential body fat is approximately 2-5% for men and 10-13% for women.

The least expensive and most widely available method of calculating body fat percentage is the skinfold caliper test.
In this method, you pinch the skin and fat under the skin (but not the muscle) in several locations on your body and measure the pinch using a skinfold caliper (not an affiliate link) which you can get from Amazon for $5.99. Keep in mind, a little bit of excess fat is not bad at all and you don’t have to lose fat until you reach the essential fat levels.

You will have to take the measurements (in mm) from 7 different locations and put the numbers into a body fat percentage calculator to get your body fat percentage using this method.

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