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How to get a 8 pack in 2 months, new tv series spring 2015 - How to DIY

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Grow Stronger, Do The Impossible Get weekly emails on how to build a stronger mind, a stronger body and stronger life and do the impossible. This gives me much more motivation to want to get into shape than paying a gym membership will and will come with a much greater sense of pride and accomplishment.
I’ve done sports since I was a kid and tried everything in the book to get them, but I never was able to get quite there.
Patricks Day in Austin with Vic, I decided enough was enough – six pack abs were to be mine – no matter the cost!
This let me see actual progress without getting discouraged on day-to-day fluctuations and let me see improvements.
Whether you want to lose weight or get a six pack, you need to know that it’s possible if you follow the plan.

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I’d always been an athlete, and always worked out and never been able to get a six pack. I would email Vic whining about how tired I was and then 15 minutes later I would feel better, email him telling him to ignore said previous email and move on. The one week I didn’t see any weight loss was a kick in the pants to stop being lazy on my diet, flip a switch in my head and really get after it.
After getting my butt kicked by Vic via Skype, I refocused, cleaned up my diet and finished out the rest of the weeks on a very strict diet. I know what it’s like to go through that sugar withdrawal, but I decided that getting in the shape that I really wanted was more important than eating 3 servings of desert that I thought I only kind of wanted.

If I ever tried to get a real job, the google image search of me is going to get me into trouble.
I imagine that If I stepped up that other 20 minutes outside of class, I could get to where you’re at now.
Again, I eat pretty healthy anyway, but everyone is asking how I lost so much weight so fast.

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