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How to get 6 pack abs in a month, how to lose weight and gain muscle at the gym - How to DIY

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Getting a six-pack might seem as hard as climbing Mount Everest, but with the right exercises, healthy diet, and a bit of determination, you can actually get the six-pack of your dreams in just one month. To really promote your six-pack abs, you will need to eat a balanced meal comprised of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, non-fat dairy, and healthy carbs. Maybe it will be a vacation on the beach, buying a new outfit, or flaunting your new abs at that pool party your ex will be at.
While most people think that you can get a six-pack by doing a whole lot of crunches, you actually have to lose a good deal of body fat to be able to achieve that dreamed-of six-pack.

Once you have figured out what works best for you, pair it with a great diet and stick to it for the duration of the month.
For most people, to get a six-pack (and be able to see it) you’ll need to reduce your body fat percentage. As stated above, you should have a balanced diet, so try to get a good amount of protein, fruits, veggies, and whole-grain carbs each day. As active as he is around the community, his favorite article on wikiHow is How to Do Nothing!

He says that wikiHow is fun, and it’s rewarding to know that you help countless people get through something they find difficult. He loves the openness of the community and how everyone encourages bold editing and suggestions to make articles better.

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