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How to build chest muscles at home with weights, inner pec workout - .

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Flat barbell bench press is not the best chest exercise, regardless of what you may have heard.
The biggest problem faced by beginners and intermediate lifters alike, is actually feeling their chest muscles working. The other benefit of stretching with a weight, is it can actually grow the muscle itself even quicker.
Try doing pushups after you have done several sets of dumbbell flyes and notice a) how much harder the pushups are to do, because your chest has been effectively fatigued, and b) how much more you actually feel the pushups working your chest, because the flyes have "prepared" that muscle to be used. As always remember to eat a diet which is high in protein, and allow enough days for your muscles to fully recover.
You often hear people say "my bench press is increasing, but I never feel sore in my chest the next day, only in the shoulders or triceps".

This means only one muscle is working: the chest (unlike bench press where the shoulder and triceps are also assisting you). Your muscles are "trapped" in a layer of connective tissue which can restrict their growth potential. Studies have been done using birds with weights attached to their wings, where the bird's muscles grew by up to 318% in 28 days! Remember to try and squeeze your chest muscles the entire time (not just at the top), and visualise your chest contracting and moving the weight.
However, in terms of actually developing the chest muscles and recruiting a maximum number of muscle fibres, there are better exercises. If you focus mainly on dumbbell flyes for a while, you will slowly improve that mind-muscle connection, and "teach" your chest to be more "involved" when you train it.

We are not birds, but our muscles will behave in a similar way (more on stretching in one of the next articles). I recommend using light weights to begin with, and focusing on actually feeling your chest doing the work, from a deep stretch to a full contraction. In other words, they are unable to contract their chest muscles to their full potential, and are using the wrong muscles when performing various exercises.

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