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How to build big arms quick, ralf moeller - For Begninners

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If you’re embarrassed to show off your arms because they look like limp strands of linguini dangling from your shoulders, then you need help.
One of my biggest pet peeves is walking into the gym and seeing a guy doing triceps push-downs looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Skullcrushers with dumbbells are highly effective; they allow you to work out the strength imbalances in your arms. Spider bench curls into preacher bench curls are a great way to change the angle of tension on the muscle to maximize your work quickly. If the weight isn’t pulling your arms down toward the end of each set, you went too light.

After a few weeks of doing this workout, you should see significant improvement in the details and size of your arms.
I have the workout that will change those twigs into arms so awesome your girlfriend will want to have them wrapped around her all night long. Get your arms warmed up with one easy set then jump into 4 sets of 8 reps on both exercises.
Whether we wear a tank top or show more skin at the beach, let’s all admit that we want our arms in stellar condition. Sit back on the bench and curl both arms at the same time, making sure to rotate your wrists on the way up so your palms face your body at the top.

As you begin to pull back up, straighten your arms until they reach full extension, but keep the angle of your humerus (upper arm bone) 45-60 degrees from the floor.

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