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How many reps to build muscle yahoo, best aerobic workout videos - Reviews

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For all neophytes who have no clue how to train hard, I suggest you heed some practical lore from the past. For each succeeding 20-rep squat workout add five to 10 pounds on the bar and find a way to accomplish 20 reps. When you inevitably hit the wall and are unable to achieve 20 reps after weeks of progressive training, at that point you should have made exceptional progress and achieved measurable results.
Back in the day when they had no sophisticated equipment, no Internet recommendations, and no super-duper nutritional supplements, those who sought to get stronger and grow muscle had to bust their butts with plain old hard work to achieve strength and size gains.

They had only the basic means of stimulating muscle tissue - known as barbells and dumbbells - and the smarts to allow for proper rest and recovery following their training. Yes, it's going to be challenging but find a way to squeeze out 8 more reps to get to the 20-rep goal. During the first 10 reps it will seem quite easy, but the last 10 reps will more likely kill you (if you use the right weight)!At the beginning it'll take you a while to understand how much weight you can load. If you've never done 20 rep squat it's hard to guess.Basically the rule is always the same, go to muscle failure after 20 reps.

No matter how you prepare, your body begs you to quit every-single-time.But YOU don't listen, keep squatting. 6 weeks on and then 6 weeks off.I don't do this for the reason that I don't like training the same muscle (especially one of the biggest) several times a week.

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