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How many grams of protein in a chicken breast fillet, straight arm pulldown with bands - For You

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Chicken breast is a versatile meat that is naturally lean, provided the skin is removed prior to cooking.
In one serving of lean chicken breast, you consume 135 calories, which is just over 6.5 percent of an average daily recommended intake, or DRI. The significant vitamins and minerals in one serving of lean chicken breast include 31 milligrams of magnesium, 248 milligrams of phosphorus, 437 milligrams of potassium, 137 milligrams of sodium and 35 international units of vitamin A. Unbelievably juicy, succulent and downright tasty, our barn-reared, extra lean fresh chicken breast fillets are a fridge must have! Each breast weighs in at an impressive 200-250g meaning you will receive 20-25 fillets per 5kg pack!
This is up to DOUBLE the size of a typical supermarket 125g chicken breast, so in essence our 5kg is equivalent to 40 x 125g supermarket breasts! Plus, because our breasts arrive with you FRESH (like our other 1,000+ fresh lines) in rather special gas flushed protective packaging, you can separate your fillets into freezer bags and freeze for that perfect protein portion every time. Because they are reared in large, open, cage free barns our chickens are at least 56 days old at slaughter, meaning they are larger than your standard battery chickens.

So you are guaranteed perfectly plump poultry - chunky, delicious chicken fillets that don’t shrink in the pan. For most of us, meat is an important source of valuable cell building proteins, necessary dietary fats, vitamins and minerals. Prepacked chicken breast may be a quick and easy option for lunch, but remember to check the label for excess salt and extra additives.
Number one with members and visitors alike, fresh chicken breast has the lowest fat content of the fresh meats, and, being a white meat, it's a healthier option.
Fortunately a fillet steak needs very little doing to it in order to enjoy the flavour, so you don't bump up the calories with extra dressings and sauces. The traditional sauce to accompany your Sunday roast, a typical serving contains the lowest amount of protein in our list.
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When you cook chicken breast, use a meat thermometer to be sure its internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill harmful bacteria.

If you are low on protein for the day, adding a serving of lean chicken breast to your plate will quickly get you within range of your goal. Eating the chicken breast with the skin on adds only 5 grams of protein, which is not much of a reward for the increased fat and calories. That is 30 percent of an average DRI and 12 percent of the chicken breast’s weight, exceeding the requirements for lean meat. The amount of cholesterol in a serving of lean chicken breast is 76 milligrams, or 25 percent of a healthy daily limit of 300 milligrams. A serving of chicken breast with skin on has 93 milligrams of cholesterol, or 31 percent of a daily limit.

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