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How can i get a girl 6 pack, push exercises for chest shoulders and triceps - Test Out

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Most women aren't too caught up about whether or not you have a six pack, more than you might think don't even care about weight. Men focus on the positive, they want the six pack, they think women are looking for the six pack (in truth, a few are, but not many).
Women, on the other hand, can have many negative qualities that can mean little or nothing to most men if they happen to have a few positive things going for them.
You're correct in that people look for a partner who seems healthy, however whats considered healthy and desirable looking changes from person to person.

I can say that since I started putting more effort into my appearance (lifting and excercising and buying nice clothes), I have made huge improvements in all areas of life as well.
Women focus on the negative, they want to avoid the abnormally large belly, this is interpreted by men as a desire for six packs, but in reality most will like a guy with a flat, soft stomach just as much as a guy with a chiseled one, they key is that neither is an indicator of a sedentary lifestyle. Any woman with a great body can live with her parents all she likes, can be a smoker, can work a low paying job and still get all the attention she wants. It's not a matter of taste, it's thousands of years evolutionary programming that can't be undone by the PC brigade of today (thank goodness).

Pick one and go for it otherwise you'll be wandering training no-mans land going nowhere fast.If you want to get leaner and build a little muscle, eat at maintence, train hard, do conditioning 2x per week, and have enough patience to stick with this plan for 6 months and you'll be pleasantly surprised. They're attracted to good looking, confident men, but the unattractive, confident men are the ones that get called creeps.

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