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I have found that most people lose body fat and keep it by focusing on good quality proteins and fats as key macronutrients, with most of their carbs added in from fresh (non-starch) seasonal vegetables and the occasional fruit.
So many people try to diet and be healthy, yet they can’t get that rid of that stubborn belly fat. But first, it’s important to understand the fundamental reason behind why belly fat is so difficult to abolish.
Fitness and personal development expert Debi Silber further explains, “One of the things cortisol will do is drive fat storage-particularly around the middle.
In other words, even if you’re eating well and exercising, if you’re living a high-stress lifestyle, that belly fat will be much more difficult to shake.
The fat around your stomach isn’t just something to make you self-conscious—it’s something that can threaten your life. You’ve gotta get up and moving to get rid of that belly fat, but don’t think you have to run a marathon…in fact, quite the contrary! In fact, doing this high-intensity interval training for just minutes a week can produce results.
If that seems like a lot of work, consider this: interval training burns way more calories and up to 36% more body fat than going on that elliptical for an hour, according to Evans. Flynn recommends picking a good, solid number, then “collecting” exercises to get up to that number by the end of the day.
One way to accumulate exercise is to park or get off the bus farther away from your destination and walk the rest of the way. Trainer Mike Chang has one of the top fitness YouTube channels, with over three million subscribers…so he knows a thing or two about getting rid of belly fat. According to health and life coach Allison Hagendorf, “Owning a jumprope is the single most useful and portable piece of equipment you can own.
Rowley agrees, and adds, “Understanding your body and how it reacts to certain foods is key.” If you think you may have a food sensitivity, start writing down what you eat and noting when you start feeling bloated and sick—then see your doctor. The reason for this is because high-glycemic foods are quicker to raise our blood sugar levels, making belly fat more likely.
Pearson suggests getting plenty of servings of fruits and veggies a day, while drinking green tea and (occasionally) enjoying red wine and dark chocolate. We mentioned earlier that one of the most essential elements of a flat belly is lowering your stress levels.

If you haven’t noticed, there are so many reasons behind belly fat…which means there are so many ways to burn it off. If you are one of those people who have stubborn belly fat, you likely want to know how to lose it. Whether you refer to it as muffin-top, love-handles, spare-tire, or any other name; we have no doubt you want to learn the best ways to lose stomach fat. The trouble with many overweight people is that they do not fully understand the reasons why they should get rid of belly fat.
The reason it is such trouble to get rid of belly fat is that the layers of fat in that part of your body is not just extra padding. Did you know that; even if the rest of your body is relatively thin, if you do not get rid of belly fat your risk of premature death will increase. If you want to get more of an idea of how important it is to get rid of belly fat, go to the website of the Mayo Clinic and type it into the website’s search field. Fitness expert Rob Miller suggests sprinting as fast as you possibly can for 30 seconds, followed by two minutes of walking at your normal pace. But there’s lots of little factors within nutrition and eating that can keep that stubborn belly fat around…or make it melt off.
Food sensitivities, often to dairy, eggs, or gluten, can also lead to excess belly fat, according to Silber. According to Pearson, “researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina found a proven way to reduce belly fat is to eat more soluble fiber from vegetables, fruit and beans. That doesn’t mean you should count every calorie based purely on numbers (200 calories of avocado is better than 100 calories of candy!), but when you’re looking at two similar options, stick to the lower calorie option. It is sometimes referred to as the wild almond tree.” According to Farkas, studies have suggested that the acid within the oil can reduce belly fat. Spending quality time with your pet can actually lower your stress levels and calm you down! It is made up of something known as visceral fat that is deep within your abdomen and it literally surrounds the organs in your body. Spicy foods (in moderation) can actually help you lose weight and taste great at the same time. One thing is certain; if the Mayo Clinic is telling you how harmful excess belly fat is, you know you ought to take this quite seriously.

And possibly you do eat really clean, but you still can’t get rid of that last bit of belly fat.
It’s biologically active, producing hormones and other substances that promote chronic inflammation and negatively impact the way your body handles sugars and fats. The study found that for every 10-gram increase in soluble fiber eaten per day, abdominal fat was reduced by 3.7 percent over five years. As you age; if you do not get rid of belly fat, your risk of developing one of these critical diseases becomes greater. So if you’re feeding your emotions with negativity and self-doubt you will not get the physical results you long for. Please don’t imagine for a second that properly nourishing only the physical you will get you the results you want. The longer you wait to begin to do something about it; the more your chances of developing a fatal disease exist. Although people can live a fairly long life if they have type 2 diabetes, surely it is not a pleasant disease. One more important thing you can do to get rid of belly fat is to add movement to your daily routine.
There is scientific proof that it leads to serious health diseases that; once contracted, can be terminal.
The point that we cannot stress enough is how important it is for you to get rid of belly fat.
This will not only not help you get rid of belly fat, it will be detrimental to your health.
I talk about this (how to know if you need more carbs) in more detail in my Eat Clean Get Lean Plan.

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