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Home workouts for men, workout videos that actually work - Reviews

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Getting a good leg workout doesn’t require a ton of free weights or expensive machines in a health club. Lunges are a little like push-ups in that they are relatively easy to do at home and work several muscle groups at one time. To strengthen your calves, simply stand with your feel shoulder width apart and lift your heels up so you’re on your tiptoes for a few seconds.
In addition to running, which requires only a good pair of running shoes, time and commitment, men can do a wide range of exercises to build strong legs at home.

To start, take a long step forward with your right leg and, with your hands on your hips, lower your left leg until your knee forms a right angle. Maintain proper form and take your time with leg exercises to avoid strains and other injuries.
In an article on the website Bellevue Massage Therapy, licensed massage therapist Carol Wiley suggests three sets of 30 repetitions for each leg. And for an extra challenge, try heel raises on a step and let your heels extend below the edge of the step with each repetition.

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