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If you’re a beginner or just a bit out of practice, give this 20-minute workout a go and you could blast up to 200 calories in one go! Cardio and weight training can be a bit boring, which is why so many people love Keaira LaShae’s intense-yet-fun dance workout.
Get A Better Body is an 8-week series of short (20-minute) circuit training workouts designed to do with or without weights from home, in a dorm room, outdoors — anywhere! Circuit Training is a super effective style of working out for weight loss, hence a great way to get in shape in a short period of time. The Vixen Workout is an intense cardio hip hop dance fitness that is burns up to 1,000 calories per hour for Vixen regulars. Working out can be infinitely more fun if you choose a (well, fun!) workout — like jumping rope.

Rain-proof, jam-proof, and at no extra cost, your home is perhaps one of the best spots to work up a sweat. We’ve scoured the internet for workouts you can follow through video, so you really have no excuses for not knowing how.
Between constantly being on the go and never having enough extra cash to throw into a pilates membership, figuring out how to exercise at home is the key to staying in shape — without breaking the bank. We’re all about fitness videos that require no equipment — especially when we have enough to drag to the beach already!
American Council on Exercise’s Jessica Matthews shares some butt-shaping moves in this video.

To help get you in shape for warmer weather, take a look at the eight YouTube workouts below! This workout fuses kick-boxing moves, cardio and gruelling ab exercises for an all-over body workout bound to make you ache in the morning.

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