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So I scorned the exercise for a few years and judged it as stupid – without ever trying it. Hip thrusts fry the glutes in a way that’s different (and more intense) than squats, deadlifts, and lunges. With a good pad on your hips (I use an Airex pad), they really aren’t uncomfortable at all – until the weight gets really heavy, when it can get uncomfortable on the hips even with a pad.
Looking at my thoughts about the exercise, my qualms really don’t have to do with the exercise itself so much as the setup and logistics. Those extra few inches are small enough that it still allows for a full range of motion when you do the exercise, but it really makes a world of difference in terms of ease of getting in and out of position. The rack method also works well for single-leg hip thrusts, which are my personal favorite because I feel it more in my glutes and the lighter loads are more comfortable on my hips. The biggest problem most people have with single-leg barbell hip thrusts is just keeping the bar steady on their hips, especially in the bottom position. This simple setup tweak will save you time and make your overall thrusting experience more positive. Seeing as though spring and summer are around the corner it’s a good time to give your butt a little lift!  I thought I would help by making a list of my favourite 8 butt exercises. The dead-lift also targets your butt muscles and is an exercise very familiar to many who lift weights. If you really want to isolate your glutes during the exercise thrust your hips forward at the end of the lift. In comparison to the glute bridge, "American Hip Thrusts" are virtually unknown.  It has been said that they were actually created by Bret Contreras and they are becoming very popular.

American hip thrusts are almost identical to glute bridges with a single, but crucial difference. I am not trying to confuse you, but there is another great butt exercise that goes by the same name as the one above.
Swing the weight back slightly then forcefully reverse the direction of the swing and drive though with the hips.  Drive your heels into the ground as the weight reaches the top of its arc and thrust the hips forward at the top.
All of the above mentioned cardio exercises really work your butt, especially when you add a few hills to your regular running or walking route. The ever popular kickboxing is an excellent workout for the lower body, including the hips, butt and thighs.
If you want to sprint faster, explode harder, rip more plates off the floor, and sport rock-hard gultes, the hip thrust should be part of your program.
With that in mind, to reap the benefits of hip thrusts without the annoying setup process, try Rack Hip Thrusts.
The glutes are responsible for hip extension, moving the top of your pelvic bone back as you stand up during the dead-lift exercise. Rather than lying on the ground you sit up, leaning against a box or bench with your knees bent up and feet on the floor.  Then thrust your hips up in the air using your glutes so that your body again forms a straight line from the knees to your shoulders.
This is due to the fact you need to stabilize your lower body when performing the butt exercise. Kickboxing is great because of the controlled front kicks, roundhouses, side kicks and back kicks that work your hips, thighs and butt. In fact the simple butt exercises are the best ones for your butt.  Squats are one of the best exercises you can do, not only for your bum but also for your for your thighs and hamstrings.

Split squats really target your quads, hamstrings and especially your glutes – all in one exercise. They are also a functional exercise that will help you build strength for daily activities. The reason that the hip thrust is so effective is the fact that the exercise works your hips horizontally, not vertically. The difference between a squat or a deadlift and a hip thrust is that in a hip thrust you are lying down and pushing the bar straight up. For this reason it is a very attractive exercise for a strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer because you can get really good at the exercise really quickly.It makes your butt look great! Hip thrusts will get you your ideal booty in less time than any other exercise because it provides more stress to the glutes than any other exercise. If you are trying to get a better pair of glutes then hip thrusts should be your go-to exercise. If you are new to weightlifting and have never really done any barbell exercises before then the hip thrust is a great place to start. You can throw it in after squats or deadlifts as an assistance exercise or do it in place of a squat or deadlift.
The hip thrust can be useful in many contexts but you have to make sure that it makes sense for YOU!

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