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High school bench press record 700, best eating plan for losing weight fast - For Begninners

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Poursoltani was the current bench press record holder in the state at 650 pounds before coming in and completely annihilating his own record.
If 700 pounds wasn’t mind blowing enough, the lift was just five pounds off of the NFL record. The kids name is Matt Poursoltani and he is currently a senior at Pilot Point High School in Texas. A high school football player nicknamed 'freak of nature' by his own coach has blown away Texas weightlifting records by bench pressing 700 pounds. Poursoltani blasted the previous record of 570 pounds - which he set himself at last year's meet. Poursoltani's list has been compared to a bench press recorded by former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen - 705 pounds, which is thought to be the most ever lifted by an NFL player.

Training: Poursoltani, 18, says he had nothing to do for much of the fall and winter after an ACL injury sidelined his high school football career. To put into perspective how amazing this record is, the all-time best NFL bench press mark is 705 pounds by former Dallas Cowboys offensive guard Larry Allen.
Poursoltani is only 325 pounds Yes, a big, big boy -- but still hundreds less than what he is able to bench, making this feat truly remarkable. The Dallas Morning News reported that the high schooler has improved his bench press max by more than 100 pounds in the span of a single year, as last year he was only benching 570 -- only. Not sure where this kid plans on playing college, but given us brute strength I can see him being picked up some major D-I school. The Pilot Point HS senior broke a Texas meet record on the bench press by lifting a stunning 700 pounds this past Saturday at a Texas High School Powerlifting Association event in Abilene Texas.

A YouTube video captured by the Abilene Reporter News at the Texas High School Powerlifting Association state meet has attracted near 1.7million views in just four days.
Poursoltan worked his way up to the 700 mark in the bench press with two lifts earlier in the day.

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