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MOST TIMES, the animals (chickens, cows, etc) used for the filling in many fast food options are fed with chemical substances that make them grow or mature artificially.
PRESERVATIVES, artificial colourings, etc present in almost all fast foods are also harmful to your health. FAST FOODS increase your chances of getting Type 2 diabetes because they induce greater insulin resistance. EATING a lot of fast foods also make you prone to such ailments such as hypertension and dyslipidemia- other diseases linked to insulin resistance.
FAST FOODS supply your body high salt and sodium-content. This increases your blood pressure levels, forces the kidneys to work harder and makes you prone to developing heart problems, kidney disease and stroke. STUDIES have found that high-rate fast food consumers have higher rates of depression unlike those who are not. Kid cuisine seems to be a hot topic every year as parents continue to question the foods their children consume and the nutritional value paired with each bite.

There are countless resources detailing the detriments of sugar-rich meals packed with saturated fat, and there are just as many resources explaining how to avoid those while staying creative in the kitchen. Most parents would like to avoid wading through full-sized meals to find something suitable for their kids, and having a corner (or even a page) dedicated to younger patrons can be a godsend. To Go Options – For the family that still wants to bring food home (as opposed to dining out), having to go options that rival the traditional drive-thru experience can make your restaurant the go-to eatery for after school snacks or family dinner.
From the $1.99 kid’s meal at the local fast food chain, to the half-sized portion of a “big person” plate served at a sit-down restaurant, it seems every season sheds new light on how disappointing traditional options are.
Youth seating, like high chairs and booster seats, are a must – as are child-centric cups and utensils. If all a mother of three has to do is check the kids section of your online menu, place the call, and pick up food 10-15 minutes later you’re positioning yourself as a fast-food vs. Type 2 diabetes puts you at risk for a host of complications, including skin and eye problems, nerve damage, kidney disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Simply put, parents these days want the most for their money, without feeling like they’re slowly poisoning their kids with processed foods. This means parents are often ditching the kid’s meal and searching for family-friendly restaurants just like yours.
Making a family feel comfortable and welcome can mean the difference between seating five… and watching them pass you by for a quick drive-thru meal. This, fortunately, puts today’s fast, casual establishments in prime position to pick up the slack where fast food and slim pickings have fallen short. When a freshly made bowl of pasta and accompanying carton of milk can be picked up just as easily as a handful of fast food kid’s meals, you’re in good shape.

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