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Heart attack pain shoulder blade, lose your gut - Within Minutes

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Before talking about the symptoms of shoulder blade pain, it is a good idea to describe the exact location that being referred to when talking about the shoulder blades. Pain in this region can be a result of many causes- from inflammation of the scapula, or referred pain from other areas of your body. As mentioned, pain in your shoulder blades could be due to inflammation- or even trauma- to the shoulder itself, or it could be due to referred pain from other regions in your body such as your abdomen or chest. If you have collapsed or displaced discs in your cervical spine, it could cause compression of the nerves, which can result in referred pain in your shoulder blades. Heart problems, especially in women, could cause referred pain from the heart to the shoulders, back, and shoulder blades- specifically on the left side. Shingles, which is an infection that is caused by the very chickenpox virus, could cause pain in the shoulder blades.
Tumors from cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and esophageal cancer (and even some others) can spread to the scapulae and cause pain in the shoulder blades.
Pancoast tumors- a form of lung cancer that grows on the top of the lungs can cause shoulder blade pain, and pain in the shoulders and arms, instead of the typical symptoms of lung cancer.
Arthritis whether in the shoulder, shoulder blade, or in the neck could be a cause of referred scapular pain. A thinning of the bones, or osteoporosis, could occur in the shoulder blades, shoulders, or neck, causing pain in the shoulder blades. A disease of the organs in your digestive system are not uncommon reasons for referred pain in the right shoulder blade. If your shoulder blade pain lasts beyond a few days, it is very important that you make an appointment to see your physician.
A serious note about heart attacks - You should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. In an effort to get as many heart attack victims as possible to describe their symptoms (women only), I am creating this web page so you can send in your experience and other women can read it. DALLAS (NBC) - A new blood test could mean earlier diagnosis for women likely to suffer a heart attack.
This should be a wake up call for those who have posted their experiences of heart attacks.
Three weeks ago to the minute I had a stent placed in my heart to fixed a 100% blocked artery.

I came to this site earlier in the week because I was having symptoms that I thought possibly resembled a heart attack.
Any way my husband took me to the ER, and when I told the attendant I had a chest pain, they admitted me right away, took and EKG which the first time it did not show anything, and then drew blood which I guess my enzimes were real elevated, and next gave me morphine for pain, then transported me to another hospital, where a cardiologist team was waiting to put a stent in my heart. I tell you, I thank God, because I was having a heart attack on and off for at least that day, and the doctor who did the operation has told me twice you are a very lucky woman. The shoulder blades- known in the medical world as the scapulae- are those triangular shaped bones in your upper back that stick out and become visible when you extend your elbows toward your back. Determining which shoulder blade is affected- the right or the left- is an important factor because there are some conditions that are more likely to affect one over the other.
Due to this, the pain can be something as simple as muscle strain or as serious as a condition of your heart or lungs- or even cancer. For example, if you have gallbladder disease, you are more likely to have pain in your right shoulder blade and if you have a heart condition, you’re more likely to experience pain in your left shoulder blade. Conditions such as pericarditis, aortic dissection, and heart attacks could also be experienced as pain in your left shoulder blade. If you have severe pain, or it is accompanied by chest pain or shortness of breath, you should call 911 or your physician immediately. If it's after office hours, there will be an answering service who will get your message to the doctor and he or she will tell you if you should go to the ER.
The number of women who will die this year of heart disease is shocking, estimated at 460,000, or about one per minute. On Tuesday Aug 6, 2011  I had a heart attack, never in a million years would I have thought it was that. A hypo active thyroid can accelerate underlying heart disease and if not properly controlled and monitored can end in heart failure. The symptom of shoulder blade pain could be something as simple as sleeping in a wrong position, or as serious as something such as lung cancer. The shoulder blades do have many functions, one of which is to support the pivotal movements of your shoulder. The pancreas is also part of the digestive system, but pancreatitis is most likely to cause left shoulder blade pain. If the pain is due to cancer, your options will include chemotherapy, radiation, and possibly some surgical procedures to alleviate your pain.

Then I got up one morning and i had this really stiff neck and told my husband I must have slept wrong because I had trouble turning my head. Don't wait as long as I did because I had heart damage and when they did the heart cath a stent was placed!
On returning to my doctor for the results, she told me all was normal, laughed and said I should stop smoking as it was this causing the problem.
I made my way into the bathroom and then noticed I had a heaviness in my chest and was short on breath. I have been worrying about a lot of things lately, but expect to make a full recovery as far as my heart is concerned. In hospital i was pleading for them to help stop the pain (still crushing from the sides) and they decided to send me for an arthroplasty. Next day after breakfast I had chest pain, my husband said he knew it was heart as soon as he saw me holding my chest.
She had complete heart failure in the ambulance but they got it going again and then she had an immediate stent put in through her artery in the groin, painful procedure, to clear the blockage. She was always dizzy in the morning for more than a year and put it down to her thyroid and then she had told the doc a couple days before the attack about jaw pains. Eventually symptoms for most part past, but I did notice I had a pain across the top of my left breast. I read many woman talking about the jaw pains and it is true she didnt have much else preceding the attack. I had and 85% blockage and have 3 stints and  a pacemaker now and am very aware of all the little things about my health . So I called the on call doctor who told me to go the ER where after testing found that I had a heart attack.

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