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Grilled nectarines and fresh blackberries turn into a summery salsa to top cumin-rubbed chicken and polenta in a dish that's special enough for weeknight entertaining. Cook chicken tenders quickly on the grill and top with pesto made with cilantro and sesame seeds for a zesty, speedy dinner. Dried cherries add color and sweet and tart flavor, while mint and parsley give this healthy grain salad recipe fresh notes. Few things are better for dinner on a hot summer night than chicken grilled to juicy perfection. Whether it’s grilled, sauteed, baked, or roasted, this is your guide to the ultimate weeknight wonder: Chicken! To round out your meal, serve this versatile grilled chicken with a couscous and pine nut pilaf and grilled asparagus.

Whether it’s grilled, sauteed, or roasted, here's your guide to the ultimate weeknight wonder: Chicken!
This method is so popular, especially in Southern California, that large chains have thrived selling chile-rubbed butterflied chicken to happy patrons. These delicious, easy recipes for grilled chicken will help you shake up your regular BBQ chicken routine with a creative barbecue sauce, an interesting spice rub and more.
With 100 of our best easy chicken recipes, you’re sure to find just the dish for dinner tonight.
The wood chips are optional if you’re grilling, but they add an authentic, subtle flavor to the chicken. When cooking a whole chicken on the grill, try searing the chicken first over direct heat then finish cooking over indirect heat (as instructed in this recipe).

Try a grilled chicken breast on a Caesar salad or grilling chicken along with fresh vegetables for a light meal. This recipe makes a lot, so save extra chicken to top a salad for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. That way you avoid the all too common problem when grilling—chicken burned on the outside and raw in the center. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to grill chicken, these grilled chicken recipes will show you how.

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