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Hanging leg lifts alternative, diet chart - Within Minutes

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Position yourself in the Roman chair as you did for the straight-leg lift, but begin with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle as if you were sitting in an “air-chair.” From here, exhale and simultaneously lift and twist, bringing your knees up to one side of your body. Position yourself on the pull-up bar in the same manner as for the hanging straight leg raise, and bend your knees as if you were sitting in a chair in mid-air.
The easiest way to improve your core and learn the knee and leg raise movements is from a lying position. To do straight leg raises: Put your back against the pad and support yourself on the machine by using your own arms rested on the arms on the machine -- Hold the grips as well. Because hanging leg raises are advanced-level weightlifting moves, you have to work up to them if you’re just starting out.
If you’re looking to replicate the hanging leg raise without hanging at all, one of your best options is reverse crunches. If you want to stick to the basics, you can get a workout comparable to hanging leg raises by doing specific kinds of situps. While all the exercises tested elicited lots of work from the rectus abdominus– good news for those of us who are six-pack obsessed— three exercises beat out the rest when it came to total abdominal recruitment: The roman chair leg lift, the bicycle crunch and the reverse crunch. Exhale and slowly lift your legs upward, keeping them straight and avoiding the use of momentum, until your body forms an “L” shape in mid-air.
Keeping your legs straight and your toes pointed, exhale and slowly lift your legs upward, avoiding the use of momentum, until your body forms an “L” shape in mid-air. From here, simultaneously lift and twist, bringing your knees up and to the side of your body.
Lift your feet off the floor so they make a 90-degree angle with your hips and point your toes.

But if you’ve got back troubles or shoulder problems, or if you simply have trouble holding yourself up for that long, you may struggle with hanging leg raises. By hanging from a chinup bar and lifting your knees toward your chest, you force your abs to work against the strong pull of gravity and the weight of your lower body. If you’re not quite ready for the full hanging leg raises, you can do essentially the same move from a supported position by climbing into a vertical bench that has arm rests and handles. Exhale and slowly lift your upper body off the ball, keeping your focus high and your elbows wide. Many core movements are performed with knee raises or straight leg raises, but you have the choice of body positions. These lifts also develop your entire core and total body strength as you work to control your body and keep yourself from swinging with momentum. Doing leg raises from this position takes some of the burden off your upper back and takes away your ability to swing when you crunch, which takes away from the effectiveness of the move.
From here, lift and twist your upper body while simultaneously bringing one knee in toward your head.
From here, slowly curl your knees up and in toward your head, lifting first your tailbone, then your hips off the bench.
The RA contracts each time you shorten the distance between your ribs and hips as you do when you lift your knees and legs.
Now, raise your legs up so they become parallel with the floor, then lower your legs to the start position (legs hanging). You don’t have to force yourself into the machine anymore -- not if you know a few alternative exercises that work your abs and give you excellent results.

Hanging leg raises can also be done with a dumbbell between your feet if you’re at a higher fitness level, but you should always be cautious about doing too much.
Simply get down in a plank position, put your ankles in suspended straps about a foot off the ground and curl your legs toward your chest.
Try to touch your right elbow to your left knee without allowing your arm to fold across your face, and push your right leg out and away from your body. Support yourself with your upper body and release your feet so you are in a hanging position. You can either bend and cross your legs or you can keep your legs straight while performing dips, just don't forget to keep your body straight. Pass the start position and extend your legs straight out and away from you, keeping your back on the pad and your shoulders down.
When your strength improves, straighten your legs toward the ceiling and then lower them toward the floor to tone your core. As your strength improves, keep your legs straight and lift your legs until they are higher than your hips. You can progress to performing these movements on a flat weight bench -- the benefit of this is you can lower your legs beyond the parallel of the floor. One way to do this is to alternate one knee raise with one straight leg raise until you can complete your desired number with your legs straight.

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