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We measured signal strength in decibels per milliwatt (dBm), a standard way of expressing the power of a radio signal in relation to 1 milliwatt.
So 24 dBm is the magic number--the standard measurement of the death grip’s effect on the iPhone, and the benchmark we used in looking at the phones we informally tested.
We measured death-grip signal loss by comparing the signal strength (in dBm) of each phone when held “normally” (flat in hand) to the corresponding signal strength (also in dBm) of the phone when held in a death grip (blocking the phone’s antenna). Oddly, the death grip actually improved the signal strength of the RIM BlackBerry Bold by 13 dBm when we held the phone with our fingers tight around its edges. To understand the implications of the death grip on various phones, we looked for data speed decreases that seemed to result from it. These findings tally with the results of our earlier informal tests of the iPhone 4's performance when held in its death grip, which we conducted when the phone had just come out. Though it seems entirely plausible that an iPhone 4 user might hold the device in such a way that the grip would interfere with the antenna and reduce the phone's signal strength, the various death grips required to attenuate the antennas of the other phones we tested seem far less likely in the real world.

For instance, the death grip for the EVO 4G involves cupping your hand around the top of the phone. UPDATE: In order to present our test results more clearly, we have updated our story to express the effects of the death grip in actual dBm loss or gain, rather than as a percentage change. Nevertheless, we believe that we got a very good look at the death grip in action, and a reasonably good idea of how legitimate Steve Jobs’s statements at the Antenna-gate press conference were. We tested data speed loss on all phones except the BlackBerry Bold and obtained the results listed in the chart below (the Ookla test is not available from BlackBerry App World, and the alternative speed test application we used produced wildly inaccurate results). Of all the phones in our tests, only the iPhone 4, the HTC Nexus One, and the Samsung Captivate showed significant signs of call quality degradation as a result of the death grip.
Then we tested each handset while holding it in its death grip--the position where our hand covered the phone's antenna most effectively. In our test group, the Droid X delivered the strongest data speeds in our low-signal location, with an average of 97 kbps for the normal grip and 54 kbps for the death grip.

Even more unnatural is the death grip for the Droid X: We had to use a two hands to grasp the bottom and the top of the phone simultaneously. As a result, the iPhone 4’s exposed antenna is much more susceptible to interference (attenuation) from the hand of the person holding the phone.
On the other hand, our informal tests indicate that different phone models do not exhibit attenuation to the same degree--and the iPhone 4 performed far worse when attenuated than did most of its competitors in our tests. But when we held the iPhone 4 in the death grip, we couldn’t get the testing app to connect at all--not even when we tried closing and reopening the application a few times.

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