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Gym playlist songs, hanging leg lifts for abs - Reviews

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This playlist has lot of energetic music thrown in, as well as some lovely cool-down tunes and even a tabata workout song that was a big-time hit with my class. Put it on my half marathon playlist for this weekend Sounds like it was an awesome spin class!! I think you recommended it right after it came out and I have been using it as one of my favorite running songs ever since.

I just wasn’t feeling it at the gym last night because my music was getting a little stale so hopefully this will give me a boost! One thing Ive noticed about our gym is that it’s always a little random on the music, so when I get my own classes I can’t wait to throw together some awesome playlists! I also took some time to create a new workout playlist for today‚Äôs class and wanted to share it with those of you who may be on the lookout for new workout music like I always am!

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