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Greatest songs ever recorded, 6 meals a day plan - For Begninners

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Thousands of Performing Songwriter readers voted on what they thought were the best songs ever written … and here are the results! Grammy-winning record producer Don Was shares studio stories and insight on his work with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul Westerberg, Kris Kristofferson and more. A 2005 interview with the late Jim Dickinson about his work with Alex Chilton, Paul Westerberg and his North Mississippi Allstar sons Luther and Cody.

For five decades this eminent producer has been delivering records for some of the best-known names in jazz and pop: Barbra Streisand, Miles Davis, George Benson, David Sanborn, Dave Mason, Joao Gilberto, Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, Bob James, Natalie Cole and Diana Krall to name but a few. Here’s a fun — albeit a little geeky — way to kill a few minutes in any well-stocked record store.

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