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Good trap workouts with dumbbells, lower ab fat - PDF Review

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Get your traps too big and your shoulders slope down from your ears making you look like a giant pencil. Half reps are less than half the results, so pay attention and stay focused on that protocol.With this deltoid workout plan I will help you to achieve great, muscular and ripped deltoids fast and after a month you will be already proud of the results that you will get.If you follow my deltoid workout and instructions you will see that the results will be greater and faster than you expect!
Now if you have more time to spend in the gym, follow my 6 Pack Abs workout routine that will help you to make a great 6 pack fast!!! Stay on the correct weights that you can perform with a full range of motion, good form and as strict as possible the suggested repetitions.

Always remember to go slower in the negative repetitions and not to just leave the dumbbells to go down. Choose your weights wisely to perform 10 reps with everything you got.We want to make the pump even huger here and to burn every muscle fiber.
Lift the dumbbells up with an exploded movement, stay on top for a second and squeeze hard. It will give you good gains and great separation of your muscles and especially on the traps as seen from behind.

You have to focus on every single rep to feel your traps to working and to have them always under the most tension. My name is Kostas Pap, I am a 26 year old Fitness Athlete & Personal Trainer with an awesome love for the fitness Lifestyle!

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