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Good morning exercise muscles, workout schedule for men - Reviews

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The aptly named good morning exercise (the movement mimics someone getting out of bed in the morning and stretching) targets the posterior chain muscles, namely the hamstrings, glutes and spinal erectors. Some athletes and personal trainers advise against performing the good morning raise due to the perceived injury risk. The important points to remember about the good morning raise are 1) keep the back straight, abdominals tight and a slight bend at the knee throughout, 2) never descend the torso to a level where the back begins to round, 3) always use a weight you can comfortably control, and 4) have an experienced trainer take a look at your form to ensure you are safely performing the exercise.

Good mornings are effective at strengthening the spinal erectors, hamstrings and glutes, and therefore may be included as a supplementary exercise within a sportsperson weigh training program.
Place a barbell on a squat rack and load the bar with a suitable weight (always start with a low weight for this exercise).

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