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Good exercise music pandora, kroc rows - Plans Download

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Sometimes it takes variety to stay motivated while you workout, and you always need good workout music. Pandora actually has a handful of great stations I rely on when I am looking for new workout music or just want to listen to something other than my my own iTunes collection. This station is a good one to listen to if you’re in the mood to get lost in your workout music. I may be alone in this one, but hearing throwback music I loved when I was growing up makes me smile and also makes a workout more enjoyable. I have been enjoying the Ellie Goulding station on pandora for strength workouts or icona Pop for peppy upbeat workouts! When you're looking for something new to listen to, try one of these 12 Secret Pandora Workout Stations.

I also use this station to get ideas for music to incorporate into some of my spinning classes since a handful of my regulars are big classic rock fans.
The music is very upbeat and energizing (though it can feel repetitive at times) and I’ve been listening to it as a go-to station for steady state cardio or interval workouts. We had an 80s themed event a couple weeks ago and tried to get some 80s music going and there was just way too much slow stuff that we were constantly having to manage the radio.
I haven’t had much luck with Pandora’s preset workout stations, but that one never fails me! And if my fellow Pandora fans would like to weigh in with their favorite upbeat workout stations, I’m always looking for more recommendations! It plays a variety of music and since not everything is fast-paced, I like to listen to it during strength workouts.

I’ve used it as background music during the TRX classes I taught in the past but sometimes I get a little sick of this one because it’s everything you’re currently hearing played on the radio. When this happens, I’ll often take a break from my personal music library and turn to Pandora.

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